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Dear Lucy,

Good morning. The kids are in school and I’m enjoying this little bit of peace and quiet.

“No, Sarge! No digging in the garden!”

After making sure Sarge and Scout know that the garden is off limits, I headed out on the town. No offense but I feel like a newly freed sim. I don’t regret raising the kiddos, except for the reason why I am raising them and not you.

I still miss you. I still miss Cass. I know the kids do too. I hear Tom telling the younger ones about you.

Anyway, the kids are in school. The dogs are busy. The house is coming along nicely and I need a break so … to the gym I go.

Cues cheesy superhero music
Remember how we used to watch “Adventures of the Freezer Bunny” on Saturday mornings? If you were here you could say the tagline with me … He takes a bite out of crime, one villain at a time. Eating his branded cereal and laughing our heads off over the ridiculous antics of his sidekick, Not so Mighty Mouse, who needed rescuing at least once per episode. Good times, sis, good times.

Speaking of good times … it felt good to be on a treadmill again.

Having a pretty lady nearby didn’t hurt things either.

I introduced myself to Hailey Shepherd and our conversation soon turned to exercise. She indicated that she isn’t sure if she is using the equipment correctly so I offered my expertise.

No need to give me that look. She’s married. Besides, I won’t forget where my focus really should be.

David and Mark crack me up with some of their antics. Reminds me of us. Not that we would go into the garden to pillow fight, but I’m sure we might have tried if we had a garden while growing up.

It’s getting late so time for us to call it a night and sleep well. Most of us anyway. My sleep felt interrupted and I’m not sure why.

I dreamed I was on the ocean, being tossed and turned about. I woke up and discovered that the TV was left on. Obviously someone else had trouble sleeping too.

I think I shall end here and try to catch 40 more winks. Bye for now, sis.


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10 thoughts on “LtL9

  1. Nice new chapter. I’m glad he isn’t going stir-crazy and is enjoying his chance to go into town now and then. Great inclusion of the t.v. left on and the interrupted sleep with the ocean tossing and turning!

    • Luke was stir crazy for most of his lot-bound time. Nothing made him happy for long, poor guy. Am so happy he can freely move about now.

      Watching the ghost antics is quite amusing because you never know what they are going to do! The thought bubble over Luke’s head was a fishing pole & perfect for his dream about the ocean.

      This is the first time I’ve seen a ghost bother a bed that a sim is in! Pretty funny lol

  2. Luke going to the gym reminded me I have mods for no shopping from the fridge and no free workout installed. Sometimes they bug me a lot.
    Woah, the ghost was mean to have interrupted Luke’s sleep. He’s got a lot going on without it.
    Btw, loved hearing mentions about their childhood. Luke must miss his sister very much.

    • I have wanted to try the no shopping from fridge mod but wondered if it would get annoying. Hmm … no free workout … gym membership? Wow, your game is more realistic than mine.

      Yes, Luke does but things will be a little easier now that he can leave the lot. I still can’t get over the things these two ghosts do. lol

      From SamelaRita’s backstory, I interpreted Luke and Lucy as being twins. From what I can tell (books/movies) It’s sad when one twin passes because of their unique bond … hence my shaping the story as I have. Glad you like it 🙂

      • I don’t know, I don’t really play the game, but when I do, I cheat. So it’s annoying when I suddenly remember I can’t cheat at all times. No idea why I even have these installed. This is no gym membership, but when you start training at a public gym it takes out your money, the more so the more you train.
        It must be devastating to lose your twin.

      • I used to cheat (no aging & max motives) but I got quickly bored with the game. Sure there are times that I miss the little boost every now & then but I find myself enjoying the ride and facing each challenge.

        I think I will pass on the gym one. That sounds like double punishment for a sim.

        I think so too. Losing a sibling is difficult enough with extra closeness added to the mix.

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