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Dear Lucy,

The boys are in the house!

Tom and Abigail were out the door before I noticed homework lying on the table.
Don’t worry, I checked and it’s old homework of Tom’s.
Addy’s Note: This “old homework” is from when Tom was a child. Leaving it out allowed Abigail to copy from it which sped up her time doing homework. This is the first time I used this nifty little tip.

I am on a roll with noticing things today.
Happy Birthday, David and Mark!
BDay Boys

It will take a day before they’re fully registered for school so they pursued various activities while waiting for their siblings to get home.

The garden briefly came out of dormancy so I quickly gathered the produce from the trees. No frostbite on any of them. Whew!

Sarge is still bringing home interesting souvenirs from his outings. I’m happy to report that the sale of this brought in another 1,000 simoleons.

If things continue to do well, attending Sim U might be possible for Tom and his siblings. If they want to go, that is. You never said and I figure it is something each of them will decide for themselves.

Speaking of decisions …

Tom reached a decision regarding what we talked about last night. He made a quick phone call after school and quit his job.

A happier teen arrived home today and that’s really good to see.

Tom was smiling when he placed a second call and did homework while waiting for his visitor to arrive.

Tom adopted a sweet girl and promptly named her Scout.

Sarge and Scout immediately hit it off when they bonded over keeping other pets away. As far as they’re concerned, this is a dog only zone.

It was a good, productive day. We added to our family and it won’t be long before Tom has Scout trained to hunt. He is already boasting that she’ll be an excellent hunter and I tend to agree. Sarge learned quickly and I passed along my tips and tricks to Tom.

Well, it’s getting late. The kids are in bed. The dogs are running around doing their own thing. Time for this tired sim to head off to bed.

Goodnight, sis.


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8 thoughts on “LtL8

    • Yes 🙂 I figured I wouldn’t earn enough points to have Luke change his personality & find a relationship of his own so I went the route with Sarge (who has no such restrictions). Besides … they dogs make a tidy income between the two of them!

  1. Wow, for a moment there I thought Tom adopted another child. It’d have been a mess! So does the homework trick really work? I never knew 😮 And I love how your dog managed to collect the whole skeleton. I’m not sure if that’s a bug, but my dogs practically always brought leaves and leaves only.

    • Re-reading it this morning before having it “go live”, I’ll admit that my sentence briefly threw me off too … lol

      Yes, it does. I wasn’t sure but thought I’d give it a go. Leave the old homework out on a surface and then the other child has option to copy when clicking on the old one. It seemed to go faster but it might have been wishful thinking on my part.

      Hmm … I’m not sure at what level in hunting they get better at “find collectible” but I have Sarge go out each day for one full queue of actions or close enough because I stop when I notice the fatigue moodlet appear. Over time there are less chip bags, feathers, leaves and snake skins.

  2. So, the girls are cheating with their homework? Or was this more of a study guide?

    I too thought Tom adopted a child. That seemed rather scary. LOL

    • If you want to get technical, then yes … I suppose it is cheating. Although in my case it was mainly curiosity as to what could be done with old homework besides deleting it. The old homework has since disappeared so it could be a one time use sort of thing or got left somewhere that I can’t see. Either way, it was neat but not something I will regularly have the sims do.

      Perhaps with a mod, teens could adopt but I wouldn’t want to go there.

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