The tension at breakfast was unbearable so Abigail decides to swing by the summer festival in the hopes that it will bring a smile to her face and pep in her step.

Seeing Ethan’s dad, Kanoa, walk her way made Abigail feel uneasy.

She wasn’t in the mood for any more confrontations and decides to slip out the back door.

Oooh, a snow cone sounds like the perfect treat when weather and moods are warm. Abigail chooses the picnic table nearest the railing in the hopes that she won’t be seen and her timing is perfect, too. A pregnant Imogen Pelly “sails” from vendor to vendor in the hopes of scoring attention and perhaps a discount.

When the coast is clear, Abigail finds a clearing and lets the music chase the blues away.

As the music surrounds her, she sorts out her feelings and comes to a decision regarding what she wants to do after graduation. Not sure how she’ll obtain enough simoleons but figures a paintbrush and guitar will pave her way.

Now she has to find the right time to tell her family.

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