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Dear Lucy,

Today is the day!
Tom and Vanessa are getting married!

The boys and I slept like logs but I don’t think Abigail’s was as restful as ours. She wondered if her room was haunted because she felt like she hadn’t been alone.
(Addy’s Note: A lot of explorers were staying here! There might have been enough beds if Luke and the twins hadn’t claimed single ones but that doesn’t fully explain why they gravitated to the room where Abigail slept. There were other bedrooms on the second floor, but the explorers choose hers each night.)

After a quick breakfast, we headed to …
The Nectary

Abigail helped Vanessa get dressed and the ladies joined us by the fountain.

Easy to see the love these two have for each other.

I hope the other three find a special someone, if that is what they want. Some sims prefer being single and I wouldn’t want any of them to think that finding someone and getting married would make me happy. What makes me happy is knowing that all of them are happy and have found their passion, whether they turn it into a career or keep it as a hobby.

Tom and Vanessa wrote their own vows. Their simple, honest words filled with love had Abigail openly crying big happy tears and the twins making noises as they tried to keep their own tears under control. I may have wiped a tear or two.

“This ring is a never-ending circle symbolizing our love and commitment to each other.”

The twins yelling out, “You may now kiss your bride” had everyone laughing. Tom mock-vowed to get even with them later and turned to his lovely bride.

With a smile in his voice he asked, “Shall we accept the ‘challenge’ these two rascals issued?” Vanessa replied with a smile of her own. “A challenge like that has to be carefully considered from all angles so we better kiss several times and make sure we get it right!”

Congratulations were offered, gifts were given and we shared a toast to the happy couple.

I decided to buy a bottle of nectar for them to share on their first wedding anniversary. Having a sim think you’re attractive is flattering, but it’s more than a bit unsettling when I realized who she is. Her name is Lea. Lea Dutiel. Her husband, Gaston, is behind the nearby register.

I made my purchase and left before the awkward moment could drag on too long.

I then went to the museum and found myself in another awkward moment.

I was admiring the craftsmanship of several pieces of furniture, not realizing I must have said “nice legs” out loud until I heard the humph nearby. I quickly apologized and tried explaining what had really happened to Jennie Dutton but I don’t think it went over well.

She was annoyed when she thought I was talking about her and seemed no less upset to discover that I hadn’t meant her at all. Women. I just don’t get how their mind functions.

I later learned that an upset of another sort was happening in the other wing of the museum. Abigail was admiring artwork when the twins came upon her and asked if they could have a chat. With Mark’s silent encouragement, David told her about Ethan flirting with Chantrelle.

To take their minds off of things and to give Tom and Vanessa a bit of privacy, I took the twins outside to the fire pit. Roasting food sounded like a good idea and Abigail said she’d join us in a couple of minutes.

I showed them how to skewer a potato and the twins quickly grasped the concept but … I’m not so sure about their selections. David grabbed a head of lettuce and Mark a couple of onions. I guess my mind wandered because mine turned into a quick game of hot potato as I pulled the skewer away from the fire. At least it made Abigail smile while she roasted a tomato.

Our roast then turned to sharing scary stories.

“ … and the Headless Rider continues to roam the roads on dark nights to this very day. The End!” I ended with a flourish.

It was nice being able to set aside serious matters for a little while. I’m sure Abigail will make the best decision for herself, based on what she recently learned. It was also good to keep the trickster twins occupied so they couldn’t peek at what most likely was happening inside.

I’m not sure when Bianca Goncalves joined us but she seemed to enjoy my story and was quite interested in doing things at night. “When the stars are twinkling as if winking at you,” she said with a wink and a secret smile. Looks like there was another misunderstanding I needed to sort out, especially since I could feel Abigail’s attention upon us.

Bianca took my fumbling attempts at shifting the topic to more neutral grounds in stride. Whew, what a relief. I’ll repeat myself again. Women. I just don’t get how their mind functions. It like we’re from different planets.
(Addy’s Note: Yes, this was a reference to ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ which I haven’t read.)

We took advantage of our last day here before saying goodbye to Champs Les Sims and flying home.

It might have been our first time here but I don’t think it will be our last.
Vive la France!

I’m sure the others feel like I do. Your presence was definitely with us on our first trip without you two.


What decision has Abigail made regarding Ethan?
Read the next letter to find out!

5 thoughts on “LtL21c

      • I write from male’s perspective every second generation and I always worry about that. So far, I’ve had Fidelio (aka Dellie) and Samien (aka Sam); and now Ron. In today’s chapter, I had a line about Ron having trouble to call that glossy thing girls put on as make-up – meaning highlighter. I had fun writing him coming up with various names for that.

      • Your writing seems more authentic than mine. Fidelio was a favorite! I miss him.

        The wording ‘glossy thing’ made me laugh … I need to get caught up with your story again because now I want to see all the different names he uses!

      • Aww, thank you!
        Yeah, I actually made that description here to get the right atmosphere. In the chapter I came up with ridiculous name and none of them was it. I miss Dellie too. So much ♥

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