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Dear Lucy,

It’s good to see Abigail smiling again. Once again, I’m thankful for Tom being able to say the right thing that brought her out of her funk.

She’s probably also happy that I’m no longer hovering nearby, uncertain of what I could do to help.

Her younger brothers are also glad that she’s no longer growling at them and slamming doors. I can’t help but notice that Mark still maintains a cautious distance.

The twins grew concerned when her call to invite Ethan over fell flat. “He said he wasn’t home and for me to call again in a day or so. What does that even mean?” “Maybe his family went on an overnight camping trip to Cinnamon Crest Falls,” Mark suggested.

Mark then pulled ice cream out of the freezer and gave it to her with a smile. David complained about having to do homework. He reasoned that they do enough work while in school but settled down to finish his assignments since there was ice cream waiting for him at “the finish line”.

Tom took Vanessa out on a date and they came home later in the evening so he could fix a home-cooked meal for the two of them.

Then they talked about their date with me. How I wish you were here to hear this, sis.

“We had appetizers and drinks at the Bistro followed by some fun at Mick’s.”

“The photo booth at Mick’s gave us a nice memento!”

Tom and Vanessa looked at each and smiled a secret smile and said simultaneously, “Yes, it sure did!”

Tom then informed me that Vanessa would be living here since he asked her to be his wife and she said yes!

It seems like yesterday that we were rubbing along, getting to know each other as we each figured out how to take care of this family. His many accomplishments are definitely things to be proud of, but coming full circle and taking the steps to begin his own family is a wonderful thing to see.

I look forward to seeing what else Tom does on this path he has chosen for himself.

A proud and happy Uncle Luke

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12 thoughts on “LtL19

    • Hmm … I hadn’t really thought about it but Luke has understandably put his personal life on hold while the kids were younger and needing more from him. Might need to take a look around town and see if there is a special someone for him.

      • I understand doing that when the kids were young but now they will be gone soon. Plus he has built a great home. Would be a shame for him to be alone in it.

      • I agree with your reasoning even though he won’t be alone. Tom had mentioned staying there and helping train dogs with him.

        However … the engagement might change things around a bit. Time will tell.

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