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Dear Lucy,

If I had to describe yesterday in one word, I would use tense. Today’s would be restless.

I can’t put my finger on it but have noticed that even the dogs aren’t acting like expected. I got after Scout for digging holes near your resting places.

I think I’m unable to sleep because I keep circling around the tensions between Abby and the boys. I wonder if more space would make things better.

I pondered this idea while doing household chores. Building up or expanding the third floor would ruin the aesthetic of the barn. Adding an upstairs over the kennel would give space but probably not a restful night’s sleep.

I continued mulling it over while taking care of the dogs.

I think I have a workable solution and am excited to share it with the kiddos to see what they think. Your sketches didn’t include anything like this but I think you would come up with something similar as they got older and you discovered a need for giving each a bit more breathing room.

Speaking of needing more space … the puppies are all grown up!

It’s easy to see who they take after.

Talks about the possible expansion would have to wait as a friend came home with them after school.

If you were here, I’d spend a few minutes having you guess who the young man is but I don’t think you had a chance to meet him. This is Dakota Fox.
Addy’s Note: I had to include a picture of him so ciane could see how he aged. Not quite what I expected!

He seems nice and I appreciated the fact that he kept the twins focused on doing their homework instead of pestering Abby. We could all use a friend like that. Someone to keep our attention on what’s important and encourage us to be better sims.

You filled that spot in my life and I miss your words of wisdom, sis. I feel like I still make a muddle of things at times but admitting mistakes and taking responsibility are things that separate the boys from the men (or girls from the women).

Raising your children has changed me and I think I am a better sim because of it. Thank you for knowing what I needed especially when I didn’t.


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4 thoughts on “LtL16

  1. Oh no, ghosts are disturbing Luke again. The line about admitting mistakes and taking responsibility is so truthful. Some people (or Sims) never grow up and enter this stage, though.

    • They are. While I didn’t show it, both came out and immediately made a beeline for food in the fridge. I really dislike this game mechanic! It’s the main reason I don’t keep ghosts on the home lot.

      I agree with your assessment of that one sentence. Easy to blame others but not see that we do the exact same thing. Not sure where I read or heard it but I recall that the things people complain about in others are generally something they themselves should be working on. I guess … it takes one to know one.

  2. Funny how everyone is thinking about bed, especially since I only got 4 hours of sleep myself. Could really use a good nap.

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