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Dear Lucy,

It’s a good thing I met Pippa Rose out by the mailbox. She reminded me that today is Spooky Day.

The holiday means no school so we headed over to the Fall Festival.

I don’t know why she thought it would be attractive but a lady with pie on her face came over and boldly showed an interest in me. After a few minutes of making polite conversation with Alouette Bird, I was ready to figure out a way to extract me from this situation.

Saved by the kids! They wanted to take a family portrait and were calling for their uncle Luke to join them. Whew! Bye to the cute but crazy lady. Oh, stop laughing. You’d be glad at a rescue too if some bird fanatic started chatting you up too.

After pictures, we headed over to the haunted house. That was fun!

Tom and David came out saying that they were both attacked by the mummy. Mark and Abigail felt like they had been sucked into the 4th dimension. And me? I was cursed by the witch.

I didn’t know what that meant but figured I had warts on my face or something similar since the kiddos looked at me and gasped. Gasped, not giggled? Oh no, that isn’t right. Taking a quick look at a nearby mirror, I soon saw what they did and let them know that it wasn’t a permanent condition.

I was going to go complain to management about this turn of events, but they all took turns hugging this ghost so I’m inclined to believe that they were pretending to hug you and let go of my frustration over this. No need to upset the kiddos further by making a big deal out of this and drawing more attention to this already slightly awkward moment.

They harvested pumpkins and we toted them home for carving.

Tom brought something else … or should I say someone else … home from the festival. He saw a classmate and had invited her over.

Vanessa seems nice but I really didn’t get much of a chance to say anything beyond hello.

The pumpkins look great lined up in a row by the front door! Lit or unlit, they are a welcoming sight and are sure to delight the trick-or-treaters.

Not that we had any. Abigail, David and Mark tried going to the houses on our street and nobody was home. Not one single kid stopped by either. Times have certainly changed, sis.

So, I did what I could to salvage their moods. We popped popcorn … no need to worry, Tom did the work because you’ll recall how notorious I was at getting distracted by the TV and burning ours.

We snacked on popcorn and chocolate candy from the bowl by the door while we watched a spooky movie about aliens abducting and making males have their babies so they could infiltrate the town. No thank you, I think I will leave the birthing of babies to some other sim.

It’s getting late. Time to call it a night after I extinguish the candles.

Wouldn’t it be neat if those lit pumpkins brought you two around for a visit? I’d like to think that both of you approve of the way things are being done around here. Boy, that was a big yawn. I must be more tired than I thought.

Goodnight, sis.


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9 thoughts on “LtL10

    • As soon as Luke exited the haunted house as a ghost, I thought about what each sim must be feeling and tried to write about it.

      Trick-or-treating is such a bust because I can’t recall successful hauls in any of my families. So I had them do what I like to do on Spooky Night … watch spooky movies. And what better way to scare a commitment issue, dislikes children sim than with a movie about him possibly having a child of his own? LOL I’m evil like that.

    • I’ve had sims go to a house and the occupants leave right as mine arrive. I can’t recall having a successful trick-or-treat on this holiday so I agree with you … it’s all a crock!!

      • I have learned, to teleport to the person’s house, instead of clicking on the house and telling my sim to go there. If you click on the house, the occupants immediately leave, pretty much every time. So I teleport there and then go to the door. Since I got the open home mod from NRAAS, I just teleport right into the house and start talking to them. No escape that way.

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