LtL House Week2

More things happened around the house this week!

The house exterior looks similar to last week, but changes can easily be seen in the new fencing and addition of the kennels.

That’s right! Kennels.
Remember that agreement between Tom and me? “Casey’s Kennels” will soon be able to offer highly trained dogs to law enforcement and military personnel.

Guess I better show you around the kennels before we enter the house.


Time to head inside the main house.

1stFloor Overview

Abigail has a wonderful sense of style so she chose the curtains and rugs.

Sure, we could have bought a new bookcase but this one we found upstairs reminds us of how far we’ve come since day one.

Other than adding a few more chairs to the dining table and the much-needed laundry equipment, I don’t think we changed much in this area.

Before we move along, let me point out a few key features in the last picture.
Abigail painted shadow outlines of Lucy & Cass since I couldn’t find any photos among my things. Those were hung on the kitchen/dining room wall next to their high school diplomas. All of us felt that this was a nice way to honor the memory of the two who made this home possible for the rest of us.

Next to the laundry area is the half bath.

Upstairs we go!

2ndFloor Overview

The hallway is nicely lit with plenty of room for this family of five.
(the ladder leads to the 3rd floor; the door nearest the ladder leads to Tom’s bedroom and the door next to it leads to Abigail’s room)

(the two doors at the end of the hall lead to the twin’s bedrooms and the other two doors open into full bathrooms)

Tom’s Bedroom.

Abigail’s Bedroom.

Bedrooms for David and Mark.

Two full-sized Bathrooms for the four of them to share.

The ladder at the beginning of the hallway takes us to the 3rd floor.

3rdFloor Overview

This large space is a combination bedroom and bathroom.

This place is really shaping up nicely to suit this family of 5 and their 2 dogs.

Back to the last letter, if you want to read it again.
Another peek at the Bonus letter, if interested.
Looking forward to seeing what Week Three brings!

Next letter will be coming soon …

4 thoughts on “LtL House Week2

    • Thanks 🙂 I thought you might like this addition!

      Since Luke was in the military and SamelaRita gave him nice camo-coordinated clothing as part of his story, I figured he would enjoy that palette in his personal space. A chin-up bar takes up less room than the other equipment and I can easily visualize him working out first thing in the morning.

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