LtL House Week1

A lot of things happened during this week!

The yard was cleared and a garden started. The second floor was expanded beyond being a small loft and a third floor was added. Improvements to the roof and carefully treated wooden siding highlights the charm of this barn turned into a home.

New flooring and painted drywall turn dark and dreary paneling into a light and cheery open space.

The kitchen and dining area is shaping up nicely as we continue to add pieces as needed.

The bath downstairs currently has a toilet and shower but will become a half bath later on when full bathrooms are added.

The second floor is coming along. Still plenty to do on this checklist Lucy provided, but Luke is happy to be putting his handiness skill to good use.

Eventually this will be turned into a bedroom and en suite for Luke.

Not bad for a week in which Luke spent the majority of his time caring for three little ones. His garden isn’t providing a steady income yet, but his training with Sarge is really paying off.

Back to the last letter, if you want to read it again.
Looking forward to seeing what Week Two brings!

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