LtL Final Tour

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This is it … the final tour of the renovated barn.

Do you remember what it looked like in the beginning?

It was definitely a diamond in the rough that glimmered with potential.

Lucy and Cass saw it. After finding Lucy’s notes, Luke and the others began to see it too.

What did they see?

The kennel has plenty of room for four dogs along with space for breeding and grooming.

Their greenhouse provides fresh produce all year long.

The main floor has an open Living/Dining/Kitchen along with a Laundry Alcove and a Half Bath.

A closer look at each area.

Downstairs is a basement with Bedrooms and Bathrooms for the twins as well as a dartboard and table tennis.

David’s Bedroom

Mark’s Bedroom

Their bedrooms are similar to the ones that Tom and Abigail use on the second floor.

Upstairs are Bedrooms and Bathrooms for the older siblings as well as a ladder to access the attic level.

Abigail enjoys decorating their home with artwork.

Tom and Vanessa’s Bedroom

Abigail’s Bedroom

The Bathrooms on the second floor

The ladder leads to the en suite that was built for Luke

Luke’s quiet place

The family loves living here and thinks other sims might like the renovated barn life!

Simoleons earned: $161,990 (done via hunting, collecting & crafting!!)
Bank Balance: $64,629 (each sibling gets a $15,000 graduation gift!)

Download: Casey Kennel

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14 thoughts on “LtL Final Tour

    • Thank YOU! I chose palettes that represented their favorite colors. It was a lot of sims to house and I didn’t want them feeling overcrowded. Am pretty pleased with how this turned out.

      • Really? Can’t tell when looking at your images. Nothing wrong with spacious rooms because you can always fill them with things that interest the sim/s who live there.

        I used to make rooms too small and then trained/”forced” myself to graph the layout so I had a better handle on furniture placement, etc.

      • I started taking pictures of EA houses so I could figure out how many squares wide they are etc. and then I would copy it. It really made them look better, I think. So, I guess you’re my opposite! I can’t really build, so I don’t do that often.

      • That’s a good idea! I’ve toured a couple and graphed them to get a feel for dimensions but really should start focusing on features that would give my builds more oomph.

        Our perspective might be from different angles but it’s interesting how both of us don’t consider ourselves to be good at building & therefore, don’t do it often. Maybe we should challenge one another 😉

      • Well, my challenge is to build all the houses my heirs live in with their families and I noticed I am getting better at building, though I use a lot of help, I take dimensions from EA houses and I use plans just to know where to put furniture, then remove all of it and put new furniture in the same place the same kind of object was. I think it has got something to do with my terrible sense of direction that I can’t really properly plan everything on my own.

      • That’s a good self challenge! I haven’t even built a house for my heirs because I’ve been using/enjoying ones that ciane made. I should probably challenge myself to do something that requires my building a house from the ground up.

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