LtL 3

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Dear Lucy,

Tom isn’t fond of homework and my suggestion for adding a few pictures to fill in the space on his book report did not go over well. Sound familiar?

We miss you and your homework help. I’m a poor substitute and we both know it. I wouldn’t have passed Simlish without your tutoring and now it seems that age didn’t bring wisdom. Tom might be better off asking his teachers for help since I’m sure to be more hindrance than help. Poor kid.

More like poor me. That kid of yours conveniently “forgot” to mention that he brought home more than homework.

Ka-boom! That lightning strike was so loud that it woke me up early this morning. Too early. Checking to be sure that everyone else was still sleeping, I discovered our “guest”.

I waited until a decent hour before calling Pippa, Germaine and Grady to see if they knew anything about a lost dog. They told me they’d keep an eye out for signs while out and about.

In the meantime, there are hungry babies to feed and other chores that need doing. Tom came stumbling down the stairs grumbling about interrupted sleep when his four-legged guest came in and shook rainwater all over him. It took all that I had to keep silent and not burst out laughing at his indignant outburst. You’d be proud of my restraint. Or, on second thought, maybe not since I had to duck my head and cover my chuckle with a cough.

The dog is certainly earning his keep while he’s with us.
He’s a good deterrent for the deer.

Is also pretty good at keeping the deer and other animals away from our garden.

I guess you could say we reached an understanding ~ he stays outside except for meals and I make sure he is free of fleas. Tom knows that his owners might be found so he’s doing his best not to grow too attached.

Kind of difficult since he’s a cute, likeable fella.

I’m sure you’ll think it’s cute that David and Mark had their birthdays, meaning I now have THREE toddlers to take care of.
Addy’s Note: David is wearing purple (right) and Mark is in blue (left)

Improvements are slow going and I’m continually moving my bed around as walls get added upstairs, but progress is being made.

Progress sparks curiosity which can sometimes bring unwelcome attention but, between the dog and me, we had things well under control.

The burglar made his getaway before the police officer arrived but nothing was taken.

Good job, boy! I guess we both know where you truly belong.
Welcome to the family, Sarge.

I guess this is as good a place to stop as any.
I have a dog I need to go and train.


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6 thoughts on “LtL 3

    • I agree, pets are great!

      I didn’t do much with the dog the Snyder family had because my focus was on the sims themselves. Now that I see how cute and useful they are (sometimes bringing in more simoleons than during a collection run!) … I wish I had played around with them more.

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