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Dear Lucy,

I’m starting to see why you chose this property. You said something about location and what I didn’t understand then, or even upon first seeing this plot of land, is becoming clearer now. It’s fairly close to downtown and the local school although Tom doesn’t seem to be enamored of that fact.

But I get ahead of myself. It’s the sims of Appaloosa Plains that make the difference. They’re friendly but not overly nosy. Tom and I were busy clearing away the brambles when Germaine Delaney pulled up to the curb. You probably met him since he’s the manager of the consignment store and mentioned that he drives around to see what treasures he can find.

Apparently, he liked all the farm paraphernalia we had stacked against the barn and offered to buy all of it. Yes … all of it! I don’t know if you planned on going with a country theme but since money is tight, I made the decision to sell those items now and worry about decorating later.

It will be a while before the garden produces enough to feed us and sell off the extra.

After hearing your plans for the place, he offered to buy the barn doors and went to his shop before returning with a door he thought might suit our needs better. We struck a bargain which included him helping remove the old ones and put in the new (well, new to us!) front door.

It looks good.

Not to worry, mom, your little ones are safe and sound while I do any work outside the house.

Before he drove off, Germaine put me in touch with Old Man Grady who owns the junkyard recycling center and between the two of them, our building material needs should be met.

Tom and I managed to move the walls of the outhouse inside and made a small bathroom behind the stairs, next to the kitchen.

Don’t ask me why Tom bought bubble bath and a rubber duck when I sent him to the store to buy seedlings. He got what was on the list, does everything he’s asked/told to do without too much grumbling and doesn’t ask for much in return, so I kept my mouth shut about the unexpected expense of those extras. I’m learning, sis.

The kitchen cleaned up nicely and it’s a relief knowing that everything is in working order. These might not be energy efficient, but we’ll make do until we have to upgrade.

The last of the outhouse walls finished a small bedroom for Tom. Grady delivered the materials I needed for adding another wall and creating a temporary sleeping alcove for myself. Nothing like what I’m used to, but this tired sim isn’t going to be picky.

Did I mention how tired I am? Trying to take care of a toddler and two babies is hard work. VERY hard work! My sleep is constantly interrupted with feedings, cleanings and attempts at training. It’s a wonder that new parents have any hair because I’m about ready to pull mine out! I’m tired, grumpy and out of sorts. All. The. Time. Tom is lucky he gets to leave the house each day and I look forward to when I can too.

You should have seen me run out to the mailbox to say hello to Pippa Rose, our mail carrier. So excited to see another adult I plum forgot to change out of my sleepwear. At least I don’t sleep in boxers or nothing at all … that would have made quite an impression, let me tell you. Okay, you can stop laughing now.

Anyway, Pippa was kind enough to listen to me chatting about how my life was like a movie: single man raising his sister’s children blah blah blah. Said she’d bring the nachos.

Thought you’d enjoy the laugh at my expense.


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6 thoughts on “LtL 2

  1. I’m really liking the letter format for this story.
    Looks like they are making some good progress around the place. I bet it must be hard being “stuck” in a house with the kids.

    • Thanks! It’s fun telling the story this way and seems to have struck a chord with others. Little by little this house is turning into a lovely home. Oh my yes! Poor Luke. He is not a happy Sim … stir crazy moodlet …. never gets a full night’s sleep … the noise from the xylophone sets him off every single time he hears it … he will be so happy when he can leave the property and go somewhere. Anywhere.

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