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Dear Lucy,

Today is Tom’s birthday. Your son is a fine young man with a good head on his shoulders, sis. Cass and you would be proud of his accomplishments.

I try to stay out of their business when it comes to relationships since I’m not an expert by any means, but … I feel the need to discuss what is foremost on my mind right now. I’m not sure Ethan is right for Abigail and I wonder if she is beginning to think the same thing.

I can’t quite put my finger on why I feel this way. He doesn’t treat her horribly (as far as I can tell) or mistreat her. No unexplained bruises or suspicious answers when we talk about him. If either happened, nothing would stop me from getting involved. Very involved. I’m pretty sure her brothers would do the same. Nobody messes with family!

She didn’t say much when she returned home this afternoon and that was enough for me to realize that their movie date didn’t go smoothly.

Matters weren’t helped when he followed her home after their date ended without saying a word … just staring as she walked to the front door before calling a taxi.

At least David and Mark had the good sense to tell me instead of pestering or teasing her. It looks like all of your children are becoming more mature. I know, none of them have left their teenage years behind them and took on the mantle of being a young adult so anything can happen.

Most likely, the twins knew that bothering her while she’s painting would earn them firm words and a door slammed in their faces.

Ethan must have also been thinking about their date because he called to ask her to meet him.

“I’ll be back in time for dessert and the opening of your presents, Tom!” Abigail calls out as she drove away.

Tom made Chili con Carne for dinner. Whew … he must have added extra Shang Simla Scorpion Pepper Sauce. This dish packed quite a kick and would provide plenty of energy for a serious workout.

Vanessa arrives in time to witness some birthday magic.

Abigail arrived home in time to see her older brother offer a few cooking tips and apologized for being late.

Abigail then told Tom to go relax while she cleaned up the mess that Scout had made.

A few hours later, Abigail finished her painting and it’s obvious to me that she’s feeling pretty mixed up about something (I sure we both know what it is!) so I offered to lend an ear if she had anything to say. She indicated that she was still thinking things over so I suggested that a good night’s sleep might help her get a fresh perspective. I then gave her a big hug before leaving her room.

I head off to bed, hoping that Abigail is able to sleep without tossing and turning all night. Hope I did the right thing, sis.


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Looking forward to seeing what Week Four brings!
A few minor things were purchased this week and since we’re nearing the end of this challenge, I decided to post a walkthrough of the finished barn home when done.

8 thoughts on “LtL17

    • It’s good to be back! For the time being, I will focus on finishing this story and then turn my attention on the Randomacy. I’m more active in S4 now and started to feel pulled in too many directions with my writing (my own fault!). I want to do multiple stories over both “platforms” but doing them well is key.

      I know! My focus was on the sims at home but I kept an eye on her actions to see how the date was going. Everything was game-driven without my help other than sending her home at the end. Trying to figure out what happens next.

    • Yes, they will. ** sniff sniff **
      Part of me is ready to reach the finish line and part wants to hold on just a little longer because they are fun to play! I’ll be good and not dilly-dally longer than I should.

  1. I hope he’s not just using her. It really sucks when you think someone cares about you and then find out they only wanted something from you.

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