Letters to Lucy

Here is another fun renovation that caught my eye and hopefully will interest you too. Luke and Lucy share many things, but raising children isn’t one of them! What is a single guy to do when he is tasked with raising his sister’s children? Continue reading and you’ll see what happens.

First, a bit of background (courtesy of SamelaRita) is necessary to set the tone.


Dear Lucy,

Are you insane?! I know nothing about taking care of children and not sure I ever planned to find out but fate (and you!) decided otherwise. I miss you. I miss not being able to turn to you and have my sentences completed. I miss Cass. He was more than a brother-in-arms, he was my best friend. He was family. You both left big shoes to fill and I’m not sure I am the right sim for the job.

Looking over the place you purchased, I admit to thinking you two were certifiable. This barn needs more than spit and polish to make it shine again. Did Cass see what you saw when he looked at it? I know I sure don’t.

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At least the roof doesn’t leak and should withstand a stiff wind.

Once we got the younger ones settled, Tom & I sat down and hashed out an agreement.


Tom will focus on his schoolwork while finding ways to supplement our dwindling bank account.

I will care for his younger siblings and do my share around the place.

Thankfully, Abigail is toilet trained and seems amenable to the idea of learning to walk. Perhaps this will be easier than I initially thought.

Tom found your journal on the table upstairs and we’re going to follow your plan as best as we can. Those sketches of yours could use some work (perhaps we should have paid better attention in art class!) so you’ll have to forgive me if things aren’t exactly the way you envisioned.

Fixing up this place is going to cost a lot of simoleons. I’m not worried by the amount of work needed or the time it will take but figuring out how to pay for these repairs is enough to make a grown sim cry. I can’t get a job because that would mean hiring a sitter all day, every day, which would defeat the purpose because they would take one look around here and the next thing you know, social workers and whatnot would be on the doorstep telling me what is and isn’t allowed. The kids would be temporarily placed in a foster home and even though I’m not father material, I couldn’t bear the thought of that. We’re family, plain and simple, and families stick together. You’d probably haunt me every night if I allowed something like that to happen on my shift and rightly so.

Sitting here, wallowing in my thoughts isn’t going to accomplish anything so I’ll close for now.


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8 thoughts on “Letters to Lucy

    • It is, but there’s hope for a happier ending. I think. Luke dislikes children and has commitment issues so I can’t imagine him finding a partner to help him, but I didn’t want him ignoring them either so am thinking that he’ll do right by them because of Lucy.

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