Leisure Day & Summer Love

Time to relax because the Snyder family wishes all a Happy Leisure Day! It is also Zach & Nichol’s Wedding Anniversary 😀

Let’s dance and have some fun. What an enjoyable way to start the day…

Summer Festival is here! Time to add a NEW photo to the family room…
LDay Photo

Nikki, Johnnie and Bobby are invited to come over for the afternoon…
Addy’s Nore: Zach got a wish to cast a Good Luck Charm on Johnnie so I decided to let him get those easy points.

Several phone calls took place, but Nikki wouldn’t come over. Hmm, this is odd. Kayla decides to drop by and see if everything is okay… only to discover that Nikki is pregnant again!
Addy’s Note: A message pop-up notified me that the Grim Reaper gave Johnnie a few more days so that he could be there for the birth of his child. Really? See what happens when you play with aging on AND use the Story Progression mod! He just might be the oldest father in town.

Kayla returns home and lets everyone know that Nikki is fine.

Time for Dinner…

Zach and Nichol love that they spent their anniversary surrounded by family.
Zach dreams of disco balls and dancing. Nichol dreams of exercising… no point in letting all that good food pack on the pounds.

With Leisure Day fresh on her mind, Nichol decides it is time to retire…
Addy’s Note: I had to laugh, here Nichol is clapping because she just retired and Bubba Jimenez walks up to start protesting about Yetis in front of her. His look in the third picture seems to indicate that she nicely let him know that causes were no longer a cause of concern for her as she is retired and plans to live out the rest of her life in peace and quiet.

Leisure day and being surrounded by family has Reiley thinking about romance so he invites a high school friend, Alice Logsdon, over. She apparently liked his flirtatious joke and he discovered that she has a great sense of humor…
Addy’s Note: Love? Soda? I might want to do a caption contest and see what jokes people come up with LOL

Reiley and Alice go on a date so they can get to know one another a little bit better…

Meanwhile, back at home…
Happy Birthday, Rosie!
Rosie Teen1Rosie Teen2Rosie Teen3
She is such a pretty young lady!

Having two teens in the house is like watching a roller coaster ride…
Best Friends Forever

But… but… pillow fights are supposed to be fun

Alright, take a Time Out you two!

Awww! Young love is such a sweet thing to see…

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4 thoughts on “Leisure Day & Summer Love

    • I know! They do grow up quick… especially with the length of ages & stages I have set in motion for the game 🙂

      Baby 2
      Toddler 6
      Child 7
      Teen 9
      YA and Adult 23
      Elder 5
      TOTAL 75 SimDays (maybe more, maybe less)

    • I agree! It’s fun watching them play in the backyard. Reminds me of simpler days, playing with my own childhood friends.

      Rosie is such a beautiful sim and I’m so glad that I saved her to my bin for future games. Someday I’d like to see how her genes play out.

      I do like all the interactions that those in love and young (or young at heart!) can do… those love letters make me smile.

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