Beginnings (Rules and Such)

I was looking through the list of legacy/challenges on the Sims 3 Community forum and found myself drawn to Adoptacy. What a neat idea! The rules seemed easy enough to follow, but I hesitated beginning a project such as this because I wasn’t wanting to follow the additional rules set forth in the original Legacy Challenge by Pinstar1161. Nothing personal, more of an “its not him, its me” because of the way I like to play my story – without enable aging on, using a house that makes sense to the story and being allowed to move should the need arise, that sort of thing.

Then it dawned on me…I didn’t have to make this a Challenge. I would call this a Story. I am still going to follow the rules listed at I have also added a few “House Rules” and may add to/edit them as the story progresses.

House Rules
1. There will be NO money cheats or No Bills Ever Lifetime Reward. The Sims will have to learn to live within their means and will pay their bills (or suffer the consequences).
2. The number of babies being Adopted in each generation will be determined by rolling a die.
3. All of my Adopted will have random traits. There will be no custom selecting traits and no changing them once they have been given. Favorites can be be changed by using the Change of Taste Lifetime Reward. As people mature, their tastes change and it will be the same for my Sims.
4. I have chosen 20 different Careers for the Founder and Heirs. Each Career will only be used once. Criminal, Law, and Music ARE included on the list, but when the time comes to select a branch – one will be chosen and then the Career will no longer be available. I mainly did this because I didn’t want to have duplicate careers and only wanted to follow those particular three ONE time each!
5. Sims who don’t marry WILL have self-employed careers.

Sounds like fun, hunh?! I think so. Let the good times begin…

Or will as soon as I have properly thanked the original creator, SassyDana. Thank YOU for creating such an interesting twist to the original theme. If you, dear reader, are part of the Community and are interested in reading more, please visit her thread at

2 thoughts on “Beginnings (Rules and Such)

  1. I like your set up 😉 I play a Legacy style myself, but I also don’t go by the “official” rules and restrictions. I follow the no cheating except when required to fix bugs (things like testingcheats to delete bugged objects, etc) and I do allow my sims to move if necessary because a sim town cannot remain stable for 10 generations, sadly. I’ve never heard of the Adoptacy, so this story will be a unique one!

    • Thank YOU! I also thought Adoptacy is an interesting & unique approach to telling a Legacy story. There are several that have caught my eye, but I chose for this one to be first on my list of ones to do. As tempting as it is to start playing around with the others, it is best that I focus on one at a time and gain momentum with it before splitting my attention between two or more.

      I find that following the no cheat policy means that sims have to work to achieve their goals – no instant gratification here! I only adjust things if there is a problem. For example, I recently decided to change the phase of the moon after my yard became a Zombie hangout spot. Zombies spawn too often, too many in the same area and I decide it wasn’t realistic – LOL How funny to think I am trying to achieve a little bit of realism in my game.

      I DO hope that my town stays stable because I was hoping to keep the same house (with improvements) and same town. Time will tell if this is possible.

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