The Wedding Album ~ Kayla & Jeremey


“Spooky Day will happen tomorrow. Perfect time for us to get married!” Jeremey thought. “People will be off of work and if we have the wedding in the early afternoon then it shouldn’t affect evening Costume Parties or Trick-or-Treating SimKids.” {Narrator Addy notes: I just realized that neither house has had a single SimKid arrive, ringing the doorbell. It would have been fun to have Zach answer the door!}

As soon as he can, he pulls Kayla aside and gives her THE gift…Engagement Ring

With a fast beating heart, he nervously awaits for her to open the box…Engagement Ring2

Inside is an adorable stuffed bear.


“Aww, isn’t she the cutest thing?!” Kayla said as she started to pull her out. “I shall name her Posey.” At that moment Kayla saw the smaller box nestled in Posey’s arms. “What’s this?” She opens it and her mouth drops open.

“Kayla, from the moment we first met back in elementary school, I was easily impressed by your boast of graduating at the top of your class and wanting to get a good job. You are a girl with a plan and I love that about you, why you even wrote AND published your first book “The Adventures of Nikki & Kayla” back then! Your 1st book… a HIT! Starting back then (maybe even earlier!), you were so cute with your single-mindedness. You were so determined to be the best… no, perfect… at school, at your part-time job, everywhere. I watched you grow from cute to beautiful… never dreaming that one day you would look at me the same way I look at you. Please say yes and continue to make me the luckiest guy in all of Riverview. I love you, Kayla. Always have. Always will.” Jeremey said with tears in his eyes and a nervous quiver in his voice.

“Yes! Yes! YES!” Kayla squealed as she quickly hugged him… nearly crushing Posey in between them and almost dropping the ring. “I admire your patience in waiting for me to realize that my heart is yours now and forever. I love that you took up painting and started to help illustrate my books. Because of that, I think “The Fluffiest Lamb” is my favorite as it is our first collaboration. It wouldn’t have become a Best-Seller without you! I adore your hair that looks like you stuck your finger in the nearest outlet, your eyes that sparkle and light up whenever we talk and your quiet smile. I adore you, Jeremey Jones. I love you.”

Jeremey quickly placed the ring on Kayla’s finger and kissed her hand. She placed Posey where she would see her first thing each morning.Posey

Jeremey stood behind her, cleared his throat and took the plunge nearly tripping over his tongue in his rush to get the words out working really hard not to get side-tracked or forgetful of what he was doing, “I don’t know whether you want a long engagement or a short one, a public wedding or a private one, a party or not, but I don’t want to wait another moment before making you my wife. Tomorrow is Spooky Day. Your Mom will be off work and Johnnie & Nikki should be too. I want us to marry in the exact same spot that your parents stood as they exchanged their vows and I want our families there.”

Kayla stood there with her back to him. “You want to get married tomorrow? No planning, no parties, none of that?” Jeremey’s heart began to sink. Then with a smile in her voice, she continued “Thank goodness I had already bought my wedding dress and have it hidden in the back of the closet. We will need to go early tomorrow and get your suit pressed and buy a new tie and cummerbund and… since there will be no public celebration of our upcoming nuptials, I know exactly how I want to celebrate right now. I know exactly what I want and I have been waiting a long time to do this…” as Kayla turned towards Jeremy with an inviting smile on her lips and…Pillow Fight!

Morning came and the Snyder house was a whirlwind of activity as everyone pitched in so they could get to the church on time. {Narrator Addy notes: I Do Do You is categorized as a graveyard. Even though it is a church with a reception hall and has a mixologist on sight, you can’t rent it for weddings. I believe there might be ghosts on the property so a lot type change would change how Tanu meant for this to be. It IS a gorgeous build and well worth taking a closer look. **hint hint** Add it to your game so you can fully “inspect” it}

They arrived in their Wedding attire and got busy with the phone calls. Zach called Nikki & Johnnie, Nichol invited her boss and Jeremey called his family. Kayla grabbed her mom by the hand and led her to the restroom in the reception hall, so she could help her into her wedding gown. Then the guests arrived and after a few minutes of conversation and back-slapping and hand-shaking and hugs, Zach turned on the CD player and slipped in the special disk of music he had created and used when marrying Nichol. As soon as she heard the first song, Nichol turn to him with a loving smile and a special twinkle in her eyes. “I love you!” She mouthed to him.

As soon as the music indicated, the guests went to their seats and the bride walked down the aisle…Exchanging Vows

Addy’s Note: I was pleasantly surprised upon seeing the seating arrangements. On the left side ~Bride~ 1st row: Zach and Nichol; 2nd row: Heather Crosby (Nichol’s boss). On the right side ~Groom~ 1st row: Monica Jones, his sister, and Nikki, wrong side but she came… unlike Johnnie. I don’t know what it is but, outside of the birthday party for Kayla, he is never home during visits and is always unable to come when called & invited over. I wonder what trait is making him be like this. He never comes around so I can’t use Observant and learn more about him. Sorry, I digress. 2nd row: Aiden and Hannah Jones, Jeremey’s parents.

With This Ring

Addy’s Notes: Nichol & Zach got a bit restless apparently and their “watch wedding” action stopped. However as soon as the vows finished, Zach rejoined a now standing Nichol and Nikki & Heather stood as well. I saw confetti in the air and quickly paused the game.

Husband and Wife

Time to go inside and cut the cake… Cake

Addy’s Notes: The Wedding Cake that Nichol made is sitting on the long table in the Reception Hall to the left of the buffet table. Nice big open area. The “cut the cake” is an automatic action so everybody heads over to the entrance door. Jeremey goes to stand by the cake and several Sims get into place and others stop right inside the door BLOCKING Kayla from being able to enter. By the time they move aside and she reaches the table/does the action (in her queue) some guests have started to leave the building and Jeremey was no longer a part of it, nor were Zach or Nichol. Who knew the bar would distract them at a time like this?! I was so disappointed that I refused to take a picture of that. Then with cake in hand, Kayla goes to sit… not at the wedding table, but over at a long table. I stop her action as Jeremey had sat down AT the correct table, hoping to place her there as well. Didn’t know that the plate would disappear! Le sigh. So Kayla goes to get a slice of cake and I just let her be. She sat across from Nikki. Sad sigh. Silly game mechanics.

Cake is eaten and I’m starting to head the Wedding party over to the dance for their 1st dance, but they stopped because Nikki quickly gives them her gift… Gift of Music

As soon as Nikki finished, the dancing started. Hannah Jones came in wanting some refreshment and Nikki & Johnnie’s dog, Ladybug, came in as well.
Addy’s Notes: Look, Johnnie, even your DOG comes to family events!First Dance

Soon it was time to depart, but before they left Zach discretely pulled Jeremey aside. “Kayla has always wanted twins so here are a couple of procreation elixirs that will hopefully help you two out” Zach whispered with a wink. Wedding Gift

They went home, drank the elixirs and a couple of days later… Surprise!!


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10 thoughts on “The Wedding Album ~ Kayla & Jeremey

    • Thanks, GC! Tanu created a beautiful wedding venue 🙂

      This is the first game where I had a designated wedding spot and it has been a lot of fun watching each wedding unfold. Wish I had thought to do something like this in earlier games! Hindsight is definitely 20/20 LOL

  1. Do you remember if Johnnie was in the Firefighter career? Nraas SP has this annoying habit of pushing any non-controlled Sim in that career to the firestation lot *constantly* (pretty much 24/7… I think they may go home for some odd hours in the wee hours of the morning) so they are therefore always “at work” and can’t be called and invited out, ever (always busy, constantly get the “call again in xx amount of hours” messages, etc). If you use Master Controller though, there is an option where you can “force” a Sim to a specific lot no matter what, which I’ve had to use for such situations!

    • I honestly can’t recall if he was in that particular career or not. Thank YOU for this tidbit of information regarding Nraas SP as well as a way to fix it! While I like the way it adds richness to the lives of townies so that they’re more than just background scenery, I readily admit that I am not savvy in adjusting/personalizing the various menu options in it or MC. I am more familiar with MC and will have to look into this “force” option as Johnnie isn’t the first extended family member who can’t make family functions.

      I think I have been assigned homework ~ taking my knowledge of these mods from basic to intermediate. It will be interesting to see what I come up with and how it improves the way I play this game. LOL

      • Ya, there are a lot of features in there and I’m still learning to use them all as well (one of the newest I’ve learned about that I quite like is restricting elders from starting relationships with certain age groups, like YA). I use the force to lot option in MC a lot (especially to get more attendees than is available to invite in the menus at a party) and I haven’t been above using MC to simply reassign someone’s career if I constantly get conflicts where I can never invite them out (like the firefighter career or the mixologist NPCs).

  2. I will definitely have to look that one up! My game shows elders entering into a number of May-December relationships… rather annoying when I have extended family members without a partner to call their own. The reassigning of an NPC’s career would be of great benefit also 🙂

    Thanks for bringing these to my attention!

  3. So, I think the bar is like a curse. So is the tv. lol I try to remember to remove all of those so as not to distract when weddings are happening. I think S4 is even worse with the bar. However, it does make for great funnies for us later. I love your narrative notes. ❤

    • Yes! That bear is cute and I wanted to include it in the story as a nod to my own daughter who loves stuffed animals… especially teddy bears.

      Only in the Sims can one gift an elixir for procreation and get a positive message of thanks. LOL

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