How Did Generation 2 Do?

It is time! Time to…
measure their success!

The rolls…
Family Structure: Couple ~ yes
Number of Children: 2 ~ yes
Careers: Author and Artist
At the time Reiley ages into YA,
1) Kayla (Author) is a Prize Winning Artist – L8
2) Jeremey (Artist) is a Master of the Brush – L10
Generational Goal: Fulfilled ~ working on it
LTWs HAVE been obtained: Kayla for “Professional Author” and Jeremey for “The Culinary Librarian”
Wishes are still being pinned and fulfilled as both have days before reaching Elder stage
Miscellaneous Fun: Runs in the Family ~ yes
I wrote down all of the traits that Kayla and Jeremey had & rolled a die. The trait that was passed along to Reiley and Rosie is Easily Impressed

I consider Generation 2 to be a success!

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