How Did Gen 8 Do?

It’s time! Time to measure Ben’s success!

So … how did Generation 8 do?

Family Structure: Mixed Couple
This works exactly like Couple, with the added requirement that the children be a mix of biological and adopted children.

Benjamin (Ben) married Darla Rollins.
They have 3 biological children and 2 foster/adopted children.

Number of Children: 5
Carl Frio
Cole Bunch

Careers: Nectar Maker for the heir and Gardener for the spouse.
At the time Chase ages into YA,
Ben is L10 in his career
Darla is L10 in her career

Generational Goal: Social Bunny
Once a Sim week (Sunday to Saturday) your sim must go on a date or group outing. The rating of the outing isn’t important.

Ben & Darla went on dates and also did family outings.

Miscellaneous Fun: Opposites Attract/Perfect Match
I chose Perfect Match: Heir may only procreate with sim who shares at least one of their traits.

Ben and Darla both have Family-Oriented and Loves the Outdoors.

Every random roll has been accounted for.
Gen 8 is considered a success!!!

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6 thoughts on “How Did Gen 8 Do?

  1. Even though I have never done the Generation Challenge, and I don’t know the rules, you did awesome!! Congratulations!!

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