How Did Gen 7 Do?

It is time! Time to…
Measure Van’s success!

So… how did Generation 7 do?

Family Structure: Second Chance
This works like Couple, with the added requirement that your sim must have at least two partners/spouses over the course of his/her generation. The first partner must be in at least partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) status, and you must have at least one child by the first partner/spouse. The first partner/spouse must be moved in and everything. … At some point after you have had at least one child by the first partner/spouse, that partner/spouse must go, either by death or break-up/divorce/separation. Then, your heir must find another sim to marry or move in. If you roll for only one child it must be by the first partner. If you roll for more than one you can divide them between the two partners however you like, so long as at least one is from the first partner.

Donovan (Van) married Malinda Moses and they became parents of twins.
Van and Malinda divorced.
Van marries Khiara Uzaal and they have a son.

Number of Children: 3
Benjamin (Ben)
Bellamy (Bell)

Careers: Journalism for the heir and Military & Science for the partners.
At the time Ben ages in YA,
1) Van is an Editor-in-Chief – L9
2) Malinda is in the Military career
3) Khiara left the Science career after getting injured at work and joined the Medical career. She is currently a Trauma Surgeon – L6

Generational Goal: Property Mogul
Buy parts of at least 3 rabbit holes in town (whatever you want). You don’t have to be the owner, only at least a partner. You can also buy venues, and upgrade them. You are allowed to collect on the funds generated by these properties.

Van purchased partnerships in the Bistro, Bookstore, Business, Criminal HQ, Diner, Equestrian Center, Grocery Store, Gypsy Wagon, Hospital, Science, Spa, Stadium and Theatre.

Miscellaneous Fun: Partier
Your Sim must throw at least one party every sim week (Sunday AM to Saturday PM).

Van hosted birthday parties, house parties and seasonal parties.

Every random roll has been accounted for.
Gen 7 is considered a success!!!

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4 thoughts on “How Did Gen 7 Do?

    • Van’s family is rich so it was nice having a generational goal where some of those simoleons could be put to good use.

      He is only a partner in these businesses, not a full owner. I tried but something went wrong and he wasn’t able to upgrade the lot which meant the business he bought was “closed”. I quit the game without saving and decided to leave him at partnership level. When I get some time I will start a new game and see if this functionality is restored or not.

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