How Did Gen 5 Do?

It is time! Time to…
Measure their success!

So… how did Generation 5 do?

Family Structure: Couple
Grace married Justin

Number of Children: 1

Careers: Music (Classical branch) and Criminal (Thief branch)
At the time Summer ages in YA,
1) Grace (Music) is a Hit Movie Composer – L10
2) Justin, before his death, (Criminal) reached Master Thief – L10

Generational Goal: Career Student – The Dilettante
Take 10 classes offered by the rabbit holes around town
Grace learned Bass, Charisma, Cooking, Drums, Fishing, Gardening, Guitar, Handiness, Logic, Painting, Piano and Writing… more than 10, but I wanted to list all the classes she had taken.

Miscellaneous Fun: Hidden Heritage
The mother or father of the heir’s children must have a special hidden trait. These hidden traits are found on WA locals/tourists, Supernatural life state Sims and certain service NPCs.
Justin was an Imaginary Friend

Every random roll has been accounted for.
Gen 5 is considered a success!!!

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2 thoughts on “How Did Gen 5 Do?

    • Thanks! I was kind of curious to see what would happen with having an imaginary friend turned real and become part of the household by marrying into the family. I knew via SimFriends that they often had unique hair and eye coloring so was hoping to get some of that added into the gene pool. He was such a handsome fella!

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