Hi, Baby! Let’s Go Home

Kristy’s pregnancy seems to be an easy one. Not a lot of weird food cravings and her back wasn’t demanding non-stop massages. Perhaps part of the reason is that she got plenty of rest and didn’t do too much around the house.

Even the ghosts weren’t interrupting her sleep… for once. Ghost

Story Progression Update:
Rosie marries Anderson Swann. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Snyder-Swann!
Renae celebrates a birthday! She is now a Child.
Raheem Blackwell has passed on.

Kristy: “What do you think, Papa Nate?” Think

Nate: “I think we might want to move into a new house.” Think2

Reiley seems surprised by the thought of this.

Alice: “The kids are right, Reiley. Things were a little tight when you and Rosie were little, with your parents and grandparents. Plus, Nate has always said that he wanted a larger family. I think we would be hard pressed to figure out how to squeeze in more beds as the need arises.”

Reiley understands but is a little sad at the thought of leaving his childhood home. Think3

Even the ghosts seem to agree on wanting a bit more space. Think4

The next morning, Kristy wakes Nathan.

Nate: “Honey, it’s Sunday and hours before I have to go to work, why are you waking me up before the alarm goes off?” Labor

Kristy: “It isn’t the alarm clock, you idiot!”

Oh! Oh. Oh…. and then Nate does the panic dance that all Snyder men before him have done. Labor2

And Kristy, even though she isn’t officially one yet, does what all Snyder women do… she drives to the hospital! Labor3

There needs to be a No Snowman Zone at the hospital entrance. Labor4

Stevie Simovitch-Broke isn’t a paparazzi, but wanted to snap pictures of this newsworthy event. The Snyder family has experienced their first morning birth on this chilly 1st day of spring. Labor5


GRACEWelcome to the family, Grace! The heir for generation 5 has been born.

Kristy is still looking a bit surprised/dazed/shell-shocked. Labor6

**camera pans back** Labor7

Grace has siblings! That’s right… your eyes don’t deceive you… the word sibling IS plural!! GINAGABBYAddy’s Note: My first set of triplets without mom-to-be and dad-to-be having the LTR Fertility Treatment. Kristy watched Kidz Zone and listened to the kid’s radio station during her pregnancy because I was hoping for twins. Surprise!

Reiley still looks a little sad but he knows that a move is the best thing for his large family. MoveMove2

Goodbye, home! You will be missed.

Hello, new house! Move3Addy’s Note: This house is also created by ciane. Like Tanu, my Sims were starting to have a few glitch moments. All the suggestions recommended not having them stay in the same house for more than a couple of generations, so I decided to try moving to a new house before moving to a new town.


download: Summer Dreams II

Alice likes the rocking chair in their new, larger bedroom. Move4

Reiley is happy with his new workout room in the one-car garage. Move5

Nate and Kristy appreciate the extra bedrooms. Move6

They also like the sauna between the his and her bathrooms in the master suite. Move6b

Everybody loves the larger kitchen w/dining area. Move7

Most importantly, all their family photographs look right at home. Move8Move9Move10

It is official. This is no longer a house. It is home.

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9 thoughts on “Hi, Baby! Let’s Go Home

    • The ghosts are connected to their tombstone (outside) or urn (inside). I placed them in my Sims inventory so they also made the move to the new house.

      Sim babies are cute, but even better in toddler stage because as you know babies don’t do a whole lot. That is why I have them age up in 2 days.

      Triplets are something else. Glad we didn’t have them ourselves or we would have gone stir crazy LOL

    • Ciane makes BEAUTIFUL homes ~ lovely inside & out… not full of clutter… efficient use of space so there’s always plenty of room with no routing errors. I’m rather envious of her obvious knack for this and wish there was a way to make her homes real because I want one!!!

      Thank YOU 🙂 Triplets were a surprise especially because I was hoping for twins! I’m not giving any of them the fertility treatment so I can mostly control how many infants and toddlers at a time, but for some reason when I saw that they needed to have four, I was silly and thought I’d try using kid’s music and television show to get twins. This is what I get for meddling LOL

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