Hello, Egypt. Goodbye, Grandma Kayla.

Alice is asked to travel to Egypt and learn about Senet strategy.To Egypt

Reiley: “Mom, Alice has been asked to go to Egypt and I think it would be a good idea for all of us to go. Dad wouldn’t want us to simply sit around and mope just because he’s no longer with us.”Sit Around

Kayla: “You’re right, son. I love your father dearly and miss him very much but deep in my heart, I know this trip will be good for all of us. No need to bury ourselves in our jobs and forget what’s important… our family!”No Workaholic

Addy’s Note: It looks like Jeremey feels comfortable with this idea.
No Time to Mope

Mahmud Taymur will meet with Alice and discuss the game.


His sons, Ali and Zaki, seem to prefer new movies over old games.

Reiley and Nate find a fun way to keep cool on this hot day.

Then they all enjoy trying falafel for the first time.

Nate amuses everyone when he says it is music to his mouth.

Kayla decides to learn the recipe since her grandson enjoyed it so much.

Night falls. Reiley decides to try his hand at telling a ghost story.
Ghost Story
Addy’s Note: It looks like Alice is more interested in finding the restroom than in hearing the end of the tale.

Reiley: “And… the Plumbob Phantom continues to roam the roads on dark nights to this very day. The end.”

Good Night. Sleep Tight. Don’t let the bedbugs and Plumbob Phantoms bite.

**shuffle shuffle** **moan moan** **shuffle shuffle**

Mr. Zombie stayed in place all night long.

The last day of their trip was spent visiting the Great Sphinx.

Reiley tried to get everyone standing together for a family photo, but it didn’t quite work out the way he wanted.



They returned home and celebrated several family birthdays:
Terrell Snyder-Kuoadio is now an Elder.
Reiley is now an Adult.

But… the biggest birthday surprise of them all was the quiet way Nate entered his teen years.

Nate BDayNate BDay2

Quite a nice-looking young man!
Nate BDay3

Although it wasn’t a surprise, Kayla’s passing was also a quiet moment because it occurred when Nate was at school and both Reiley & Alice were at work.
Kayla Urn

Goodbye, Grandma Kayla.

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4 thoughts on “Hello, Egypt. Goodbye, Grandma Kayla.

    • Of the two Egyptian recipes offered in the game, I have personally had shawarma but I don’t think I have tried falafel. I’m sure I would like though. It sounds yummy!

      I agree. They did a lovely job with the scenery in the WA locations. I have not explored every nook & cranny so I shall have to have an explorer Sim or perhaps a family of adventurers. **scribble scribble adds it to my Sim to-do list**

    • It was a fun vacation. I wish the family could do more of them but the game has decided no way – no how (I think it might be due to playing multiple generations in one town) so I’m just happy my game is still playable and leave it at that.

      I was sorry that she was alone when she passed, but glad it was a peaceful parting all the same.

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