Goodbye, Grandpa and Grandma

Story Progression Update (Saturday after Leisure Day):
Nikki gave birth to a daughter! Bobby has a baby sister!
Welcome to the family, Lynda Snyder-Parrott!!!
RIP Hannah Jones (Jeremey’s mom).

With a new baby at home, Bobby needs a little break from the wails and shrieks. Cousin Reiley understands the need for peace & quiet and invites his cousin over for the day…
Reiley and Bobby

The day didn’t go exactly as planned…

Nichol: “Goodbye, honey. I will miss you dearly.”

Rosie: “Grandpa, please don’t go. Grandma still needs you!”

Bobby consoled his cousin…

The next morning, Reiley pulls out Grandpa Zach’s repair manual and tries to make sense of it.

A subdued Rosie starts tending Grandpa’s garden.

Kayla and Jeremey help Nichol create a lovely memorial garden for Zach’s remains.

Story Progression Update (Sunday after Leisure Day):
Nikki is pregnant AGAIN! This will be child #3 for Nikki and Johnnie.
The Grim Reaper agreed to give him extra time so he can be there for the upcoming birth.
Bubba Jimenez is going steady with Tabatha O’Neal. What?! When did this happen? Did a little neighborhood snooping and Bubba still lives with his ex-wife, Monica, and ex-father-in-law, Aiden Jones. Monica is dating Kain Crosby. Now I know why Bubba didn’t want to come to the family dinner!
Bobby Snyder-Parrott is dating Caren Newbie.

It’s a good thing that Nichol crafted a large Grandma Brag Book because she loves showing off her family to others!

Brag Book1Brag Book2

The next day…
Nichol takes the family to the Fall Festival.
Time to bob for apples, carve some pumpkins and survive the haunted house! Well… 2 out of 3 ain’t bad LOL
Haunted House

Addy’s Note: I couldn’t resist having a “ghost” mourn. I thought it was interesting to see that Zach’s image is life-like when normally it is ghostly.

Time to add another photo to the family room walls…
SDay Photo
Addy’s Note: I really like how the photos show the family history! I will need to do some re-arranging soon as I am going to run out of wall space in this room LOL

Tuesday morning starts like any other. Breakfast and getting ready for school or work. Nichol enjoys spending time in Zach’s Greenhouse because she can see his tombstone while watching his plants thrive… and she feels so close to him out there.

Her family is happy and healthy, Nichol has achieved her heart’s desire and is ready to be by Zach’s side once more…

Kayla visits Nikki and lets her know that their Mom passed away.
Nikki believes that Zach and Nichol are somewhere wonderful, dancing to music that the two of them create.
Addy’s Note: You might not be able to tell, but toddler Lynda has pointy ears.

Goodbye Zach and Nichol. You will be greatly missed.

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Grandpa and Grandma

    • Watching beloved sims pass away is difficult, but necessary if I ever wish to see the 10th generation. I periodically remember that I used to play with aging off so I didn’t have to say farewell to favorite sims, but it certainly didn’t make my game last very long. So glad I’ve “grown up” with my game play LOL

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