Generation 5 Rules & Guidelines


Roll baby, roll…

Family Structure: Couple

Number of Children: 1

Grace – Music (Classical Branch)
Spouse – Criminal (Thief Branch)

Generational Goal: Career Student – The Dilettante
Your Sim just loves learning new subjects. Take 10 different classes offered by the rabbit holes around town. There are 10 classes offered in the base game, so if that’s all you have you will be taking all 10. If you have EPs that offer new classes, you may mix and match, choosing whatever classes you like, as long as you total 10.

Miscellaneous Fun: Hidden Heritage
The mother or father of the heir’s children must have a special hidden trait. These traits are found on WA locals/tourists, Supernatural lifestate Sims and certain service NPCs.

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4 thoughts on “Generation 5 Rules & Guidelines

    • She sure is! Of the triplets, I always thought she was the prettiest. Shh… don’t tell the others.

      Having only one child will give her extra time so she can attend all of those additional classes. Yes, it was a nice break after having a house full and yet I did find myself wishing there could have been a sibling. Guess I am getting used to having more than one child now. LOL

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