Generation 3

Roll baby, roll…

Family Structure: Couple

Number of Children: 1

Reiley – Business
Spouse – Law Enforcement (Forensics)

Generational Goal: Hobby, or Obsession
Choose carefully, young ones.

Pick a “Hobby” for your Sim, based on their traits, or on their character as you see them. The heir (and spouse where applicable) must spend at least 5 Sim hours a week pursuing their hobby. Your Sim must not make money from this hobby. If you use writing, then only use “Practice Writing” and not “Write a Book”.

Miscellaneous Fun: Tattoo Addict
Your Sim must have a new tattoo every Sim week (Sunday to Saturday). The addict can be the heir or the spouse/partner (unless you’ve rolled single parent; then obviously the heir must be the addict).

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