Generation 2

Roll baby, roll…

Family Structure: Couple

Number of Children: 2

Kayla – Author
Jeremey – Artist

Generational Goal: Fulfilled
Choose carefully, young ones.

Heir and Spouse must obtain their LTW. Changing the LTW via aspiration reward is allowed.

In addition, any Wish that is “promised” (that is, pinned to the board) MUST be fulfilled. You may only cancel a promised wish if it becomes impossible to fulfill. (for instance, “play game with Sim” when said Sim has died.) You do not have to promise every (or any) wish, but once promised this rule applies.

Miscellaneous Fun: Runs in the Family
Pick a trait. Preferably a trait one of the parent Sims have. Every Sim born this generation must have this trait before reaching young adulthood.

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