Generation 0, page 09

How Alarming!

“Your children?”

“Yes, mine. I have been… away. While I was gone, their mothers discovered that they were pregnant and learned about each other. Well… *rubs his neck* they must have hatched this little scheme to get back at me. *tries to look sheepish, but isn’t totally successful* To be perfectly honest, none of us planned to start a family just yet. Things happened. I’m sure you understand. But while they willingly abandoned their babies, thus giving up their rights to them, I haven’t. As the biological father, I have rights as well. I may not want to be a father, but I should have a say in what happens to them. *looks over the house* You seem to be doing fine here, a nice house with a waterfront view. *looks back at me* I know you love those two kids because the newspaper hounds enjoy printing story after story about the three of you. I’ve seen the articles. What I want to know is how far are you willing to go to keep those kids?”

“Excuse me?!”

“You heard me. All I have to do is step forward and those kids will be back with me. Me, Jake Devlin, convicted felon. Should be quite entertaining when its “Bring your Dad to School Day”. *he smirks* “So, again I have to ask, what are you willing to do to keep these kids?”

Picture 20

“You might be their father or simply someone trying to scam a bit of cash by posing as such. I love those two children with all of my heart, which is more than I can say for you, but I will NOT “buy” them from you. I expect that should I do so, you’ll come around from time to time and “request” a little bit more. Take the blood test and prove you are who you say you are. IF you are their father and want them, then take the legal steps needed to claim them as your own. If you are the father and don’t want them, then sign over your rights. They’ll be much happier without someone like you in their life. I suggest you leave and not return to this house. You are NOT welcome here. If I ever see you again, I expect it to be in court.”

Picture 21

I turned away and walked inside, resisting the urge to speed up my walk or turn around and see if he was still there. As soon as I was inside, I closed and locked the door before taking a peek out the window. He stood there for a few minutes and seemed to be looking around, but I really couldn’t see the expression on his face, and then walked away. *breathes a sigh of relief and then realizes that I am shaking like a leaf*

I quickly call Jessalyn Potter and give her a brief replay of the conversation. “Will he be able to take Chance & Hope? What can I do?” After listening to her reassure me that she is going to look into the matter and contact her friends over at the police department in order to find out anything further about Jake Devlin, I began to relax a little bit when she said she would also request officers to periodically drive by and make their presence known. She also advised me to call and get an alarm installed as soon as possible.

As soon as our call ended, I called and placed my order with the local alarm company. Chance and Hope woke up from their naps and were ready for a snack. I did my best to act calm and keep to our regular routine when all the while deep inside I was a bundle of nerves.

Picture 22

It wasn’t long before a representative from the alarm company arrived. I couldn’t believe my good luck – it was Domingo Cortez, a handyman from the repair shop. Apparently, Domingo works for the alarm company when he isn’t on-call for the repair shop. I know my home is in safe hands with him doing the work. He installed alarms at the front and back doors as well as sensors in the windows of each bedroom. Domingo took his leave after showing me how the system worked.

Picture 23

Between my phone conversation with Jessalyn and the alarm in place, I once again have peace of mind and can enjoy time with my children. Yes, MY children. No matter what happens, I am not going to simply hand them over to “Mr.” Devlin.

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5 thoughts on “Generation 0, page 09

    • My teen had a similar reaction when she read it. I was hoping readers would feel invested in the story, but it still surprised me to read some of the reactions that were posted on my page. Surprised and pleased, too – if that makes sense.

    • I had a friend ask if he was going to be a romantic interest and I immediately shuddered upon reading that because I never thought of him in that way. I still don’t. Unfortunately for him, I don’t see any redeeming qualities in this guy.

  1. Wow, that guy is unpleasant! She could always arrange for him to see the kids from time to time though–that might appease him and it would be good for the children to know him. He could turn his life around and eventually be a positive influence in their lives. He probably just has some issues and isn’t grown up enough yet, but he could be a decent guy in time… Sorry, I’m such an optimist and always try to see the good (or the potential) in others 😉

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