Generation 0, page 07


My babies were still asleep, so I painted and kept an ear out for any noises coming from their room.


*rumble of truck* I was quite surprised by the sound and had to quickly wipe off the smear I just made across the canvas. Fortunately it was an easy fix and didn’t ruin the piece.

*ding dong* I quickly glanced at the wall calendar to be sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. “I’m not expecting any visitors today. I wonder who it could be.” I thought to myself as I went down the hall to answer the door.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the two delivery men, Ralph and Felix, from Furniture In A Flash standing outside with smiles on their faces.

“But… I didn’t order anything!”

“No, Miss Keagan, you didn’t but this delivery IS for you. Please step back while we bring the boxes inside.” They went to work and hauled in several large boxes, then opened them and put the furniture together. They stepped back so I could get a good look.


I could not believe my eyes! This is the brand new Lullabies And Nursery Rhymes line being advertised on television and in the magazines. Lovely, but out of my price range.

“Who? What? Why?” I asked, still in a daze as I glanced admiringly over each piece.

“CCN, Inc. As you know your story in the Sunlit Tides Times has caught the attention of the community. It is so good to see such a heartwarming piece – about a single woman, who is also a newcomer to the island, open heart and arms to two little sweethearts in need of a home. CC herself called and specially ordered this!” Ralph said with awe in his voice.

Oh my stars! Who HADN’T heard of CC, that savvy businesswoman who ran a very successful empire with fingers in a lot of different companies?

“She took notice of me?” *breathe, Nancy, breathe* *don’t faint*

“Yes, Miss. So if you’ll direct us to where these should go and sign this receipt showing that you received the items, we’ll get out of your way as soon as possible.”

I did as directed and soon the men were back in their truck and rumbling away. My two angels slept through it all and didn’t even open their eyes when I moved them to their new cribs.
Hope woke up first and I gave her a bath. This was so much easier on my back then bending over the tub. I will definitely be using this feature until they are a little bit bigger.


Time to feed Hope and go wake up her big brother. It’s a beautiful day and I want to enjoy every moment of it!

[Author’s note: My thanks go out to chocchipnik for gifting this lovely set to me! BIG *hugs* CC]

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5 thoughts on “Generation 0, page 07

  1. Oh my, what a generous gift! Both from the CC in game and the CC who gifted this to you, it sure isn’t a cheap set! It looks gorgeous, what lucky babies ^^

    • I know! As soon as she gifted it to me, I knew exactly how I wanted to thank her. My DH says that this piece was my best written thus far.

      It is a FANTASTIC set & I haven’t even tried out all of its pieces yet.

    • I totally agree… this IS a fantastic gift! I LOVE the changing/bath table!! And with the items from the Learning Center, future toddlers can also enjoy playpens & walkers. I can’t wait!!

      I never really got into Sims 2, tried it but didn’t really like the revolving wheel-o-wishes and had a hard time adjusting to the new way of gameplay for some reason so I returned to the original game and stayed there until 3 arrived in the stores. I never really gave 2 a fair shake and from hearing other people gush about various features, I sometimes wished I had. However, playing & thoroughly LOVING 3, I can’t imagine trying to scoot back to 2 or even 1 again. I know I would be constantly trying to do a 3 thing and getting frustrated that I can’t. LOL

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