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While my two babies blissfully slept in their baskets next to me, I dialed information and got the names of several 24-hour furniture stores located on the mainland. After comparing prices, I ordered two cribs and paid extra for faster delivery from Furniture In A Flash. The balance in my small savings account took a hit, but safety comes first. Clothing and toys can be bought secondhand from the consignment store, but I don’t feel comfortable doing the same with cribs.

I was so excited when the delivery truck came to a stop in front of my house. It was like Snowflake Day morning for me! I tried my best not to get in the way of the men setting up the cribs, but it was difficult not to peek in as they were working. Finally they were done and I was able to put the bedding on and tuck my two darlings in for sweet dreams.

Picture 13

Being a single Mom is not easy, but I am young and determined to provide for my family. With some flexibility (and less sleep) on my part, I created a routine that was doable. Early mornings were spent painting.

Picture 14

As soon as Chance and Hope wake up, all attention is given to their immediate needs. Then we spend time cuddling and bonding before immediate needs take precedence again. All too soon it is time for baths and bed. And the routine would cycle over to a new day.

Twice a week I gather up my paintings and call the Babysitting Club at the Island Academy so I can head over to the consignment store. I am able to pay my bills on time and provide for our immediate needs, but our nest egg is not growing all that quickly and I worry that I don’t have enough set aside to handle an emergency. So far we have been lucky with only a few minor coughs and a cold.

Right at the tail end of Summer I began to feel germy and worried that I would pass it on. I took care of my babies and gave lots of hugs and cuddles, but did not share kisses. I washed my hands so often that they began to dry out and needed frequent massages with Vitamin E lotion. I did all that I could think of and hoped for the best.

Picture 15

But like I said before, we were lucky. My cold was minor and soon passed. No one else got sick.

The only major change to the regular routine is when our social worker, Jessalyn Potter, stops by for her weekly visit. I don’t mind the interruption because each visit brings me one step closer to having the adoptions finalized. One step closer to giving those two darlings a forever home.

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2 thoughts on “Generation 0, page 05

  1. I’m worried that she won’t be able to make enough money to please the social worker, especially when the police finds more abandoned babies :/

    • I completely understand your concerns and Nancy has them as well. Hopefully the culprits will get caught and the public made aware so that the crime rate will lower in this area! Time will tell.

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