Generation 0, page 02


Sigh. There is no one and no reason for me to stay in Moonlight Falls, so I returned to Sunlit Tides. There was nothing to keep me here either, I thought, as I looked at the town upon arrival at the airport.

Picture 4

Yes, I attended school here…but as a scholarship student. So I never really fit in with the locals and made friends. I kept a smile plastered on my face and worked hard to graduate with a decent grade, never letting anyone know how sad and lonely I was as I watched other girls go off on dates and to dances. Corresponding with Ms. Simwell is what kept me going. My goal was to return to Moonlight Falls and get hired on as an Afternoon Art Teacher at the Home. It was my way of paying it forward and helping other children like Ms. Simwell did when she took me under her wing. “Now what do I do?” I wondered to myself as I drove my rental car towards the hotel. And then I saw it…the perfect house with a for sale sign in the front yard.

Picture 5

I dialed the number of the real estate agent and she agreed to meet with me and show me around the house. As soon as I stepped across the threshold, I felt like I had come home. Beautiful views from the windows and the yard ended at the water. I could paint and swim to my heart’s content. Maybe even find a job teaching art. I bet I could make a difference in the community here. With my dreams swirling around in my head, I asked the price. Quite a bit more that I had expected, but still within my means – thanks to the generosity of Ms. Simwell. I sent a silent prayer of thanks to her as I signed the documents that made this house at 10 Tropic Circle, my home.

First order of business is go to the market and get some groceries.

Picture 6

I posted a small ad on the bulletin board out front letting people know that a new painter was in town and looking for work. No job too big or too small. Heck, I was even willing to paint walls and furniture while waiting for opportunities to paint landscapes, murals, and portraits. This gal has a mortgage to pay and isn’t going to snub a paying customer.

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