Generation 0, page 13



Celebrating Chance’s birthday was a lot of fun, but we were all starting to nod off by the time we returned home… so early bed for all of us. Sometimes we have to stop looking at the clock and simply listen to what our body is telling us. Neither Chance nor Hope complained – for which I am thankful *covers yawn*

Rude Awakening

Wha… what was that noise? It sounded like footsteps. I think I will go and see if Chance woke up and snuck out to watch some television. I left the lights off so as to not startle either Hope or Chance while I tiptoed down the hall…


Peeking in their room, I immediately noticed that both children were still asleep. Sigh. Perhaps I was hearing something. *Before I turned to leave the room, my eyes happened to glance up and out the window* Gasp! I quickly moved out of sight and grabbed my phone.

911 Call

Sim-1-1 Operator (calm, reassuring voice): What is your emergency?

Me (frantic & trying not to panic): Please hurry! There is someone outside my house, trying to break in!!

Sim-1-1 Operator: Help is on its way. Please give your address & stay on the line.

Me: 10 Tropical Circle. Please hurry. I can’t be sure who is out there, but the children’s father is a known felon and… *starts to softly cry* Please hurry!

Sim-1-1 Operator: Everything will be okay, Ms. Keagan. I am right here with you all the way… stay on the line with me until the officer arrives. You’re doing fine.

Cops Arrive

The cop, Officer Womack, caught Jake Devlin in the midst of trying to pry the window open after having tossed the screen aside and quickly wrestled him to the ground. “But Officer, my boy is in there and today is his birthday. He should be with me,” Jake complained as the Officer led him to the patrol car. “That woman (spat out the word as if he really hated having to use it) *and pointed accusingly to me* is keeping my boy from me!”

Once Jake Devlin’s identification had been confirmed, the officer could be heard to say – and believe me, neighbors from up and down the street had arrived by this point overhearing each word and took the time to make sure it spread from ear to ear – “Well, Jake, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Right now you are on the wrong path, that’s for sure. There is an outstanding warrant for your arrest for violating your probation and there is also a restraining order for you to stay away from this house and the people who live here. You are headed back to jail which will give you plenty of time to think about the right way to do things.”

“You are being arrested and have the right to remain silent…” As soon as he finished, Officer Womack bundled Devlin into the car and headed off to jail.


Once the car was on its way, I collapsed on the couch and let those tears of joy simply run down my cheeks for a few minutes. Ah, this feels good. No more worrying and hiding behind this locked door. We can go out without my having to continually look over my shoulder. I quickly called Jessalyn and shared the good news – Devlin had been caught and was on his way back to jail… hopefully for good. We quietly chatted for a few minutes and verbally celebrated this moment.

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6 thoughts on “Generation 0, page 13

    • I’m so glad you liked it! This was a little hard to write – trying to figure out how much should happen and how to word it, but I liked the end result.

      Nancy & her kids can definitely have a more enjoyable life, that’s for sure! Things are being set in motion and time will tell what happens.

  1. I love your story! The characters are just so realistic, I can never wait for the next chapter. I truly hope that Nancy find happiness, besides with just her kids of course. Good job ADWilson!

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