Gen 6 Rules & Guidelines


Roll baby, roll…

Family Structure: Single Parent with ‘Help’
Sim may not marry or move in a romantic partner. Instead move in a friend, sibling, cousin, etc. to help raise the children. The Sim that moves in takes the secondary career. This ‘helper’ may have children of their own, but, like your Sim may not marry or move in a partner (until halfway through the youngest child’s teen stage). Any children the helper has counts toward the total number of children you rolled, provided they grow up in your household.

Number of Children: 2

Summer – Education
Help – Part-Time Job

Generational Goal: The Opportunist
The Heir must complete ALL Opportunities that they are presented with, with the exception of ones relating to travel. The ones for Celebrity related opportunities may be skipped if trying to avoid the celebrity system in the game. An opportunity can only be canceled if it becomes impossible to complete (due to the Sim who gave it to you dying, EA bugs, etc.).

Miscellaneous Fun: Half-Siblings
No two pregnancies or individual adoptions this generation may be with the same partner.

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2 thoughts on “Gen 6 Rules & Guidelines

    • Challenge is good. I keep telling myself that whenever I get rolls that are outside my normal box.

      It was a little sad to not have another wonderful wedding and I’m hoping she comes across as a free spirit/bohemian/hippie or commitment shy due to the fiasco with Nate. See… that whole scenario wasn’t planned, but when he ditched her after their date I just knew that she would do something about it and it gave a good stepping stone for explaining her not marrying.

      Confession time: opportunities in the education career seem to be nil and her skills haven’t offered many either. This roll seems to be a dud due to the other rolls taking precedence. Wish this would change because I’d like to see some opportunities for her.

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