Using the App found on the Random Legacy Challenge website, my rolls are…

Family Structure: Step Children
Zachary (witch) will marry Nichol Reiley (human) and adopt her toddler Nikki Reiley.
Nikki was created in CAS.

Number of Children: 2
Nikki counts as one. So time for them to get together and have a baby!

“House Rules”:
Tanu & I decided that only a biological child would be heir.
Added Jan 10, 2015 – We agreed that the firstborn will be heir. Makes it easy when there are several children!
Our reasoning ~ We want to compare the genetics of each generation when they start from the same original couple. Obviously we are playing our game differently due to individual random rolls and are selecting different mates, but we’re still curious to see if certain genes carry over. I’m hoping that Nichol’s pretty pointy ears do!

Addy adds additional “House Rules” to her game:
With Perfect Children (see below), birth results in random traits and then traits are picked at each life stage. I decided to keep this momentum going with ALL of my Heirs and their resulting children.

Applicable Friends/Helpers/Partners/Spouses who move in with the heir will keep whatever traits they arrive with. LTW and favorites can be changed by purchasing them via LTR.

Zach – Alchemist
Nichol – Politician

“House Rules”:
Tanu & I will not be repeating careers. That means no more alchemists or politicians for any of my future Sims, yay!

Generational Goal: Perfect Children
Yikes! Right off the bat, I get a challenge.

At birth, random traits. Choose from then onward.
Max toddler & child toys -> peg box, xylophone, toy oven & play table.
Read all 9 toddler skill books.

With Generations, children enroll in After School Activity & max it.
Teens enroll in After School Class OR get a PT Job and max it.
Teens learn to drive.

NO Boarding School!

Miscellaneous Fun: Hands Off
Can’t use mouse to move inventory items, clean up laundry/dishes, put newspaper in trash, etc.
Career items must be sold in the Consignment Store or at the appropriate rabbit-hole.

Additional “House Rules” in my game:
Since playing with Aging On is not what I typically do, I gave myself more time with my Sims than Tanu did (she is a pro at living SimLife to its fullest!). Baby – 2 days; Toddler – 6 days; Child – 7 days; Teen – 9 days; YA & Adult – 23 days each; Elder 5 days. A total of 75 SimDays, compared to her 77 SimDays. I might regret this as my game drags on and on LOL

We both said we want a family graveyard on our individual properties. I plan to keep the ghost of any Sim who is living IN the house (via the results of the random rolls) in the family plot.
Gen 1: Founder & Spouse;  Gen 2: Heir & Spouse; and so on based on the rolls I get.

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