Festival Fun!

Good Morning! Time to rise and shine, my little man

The summer festival has arrived and Reiley suggests that they go as soon as he and Alice get home from work.

Reiley calls his sister. Terrell is busy working, but Rosie will be able to meet them there. Once everyone arrives, Jeremey suggests they participate in the Hot Dog Eating Contest and is a little dismayed that someone pushed him aside and claimed the place that he was walking towards.

She must have been really hungry!
Hot Dog1

Alice: “What’s your secret? Intense training? Skipping meals?”
Hilary Lemon just smiles a secret smile and declines to say anything.
Hot Dog2

While the contest was going on, Great-Aunt Monica played catch and kept an eye on Nate.

Everyone looked like they were having lots of fun. That means there is only one thing left for Nate to do… join in!
Happy Birthday, Nate!

Later that night, Reiley and Alice moved their things into another bedroom and gave Nate the blue one.

Reiley: “We’ll order new furniture and make this a room you can relax in. Goodnight, son.”
Alice: “Pleasant dreams. Sleep well. Tomorrow’s a big day!”

Tomorrow? What happens tomorrow?
Hey, Mr. Pink Bunny Gnome, do you have any idea what they are talking about?

No?! O-kay then. Keep an eye on Luke.

I’m sure you two have a lot in common **lowers voice to a whisper – like no talking** and will become good friends.
Good Night.

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2 thoughts on “Festival Fun!

    • Thanks 🙂 It wasn’t staged, simply one among many I took and when looking back over them I could see how it looked like he was saying good night to his pet fish as well as having the conversation with the gnome. Kids have such wonderful imaginations, you know 😉

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