Extended Family

The Snyder family has grown by leaps and bounds!
Here is a summary of the extended family members.

Bobby (son of Nikki & Johnnie) married Caren Newbie
Child 1: daughter, Kasey
Child 2: daughter, Justina
Child 3: daughter, Kyra

Lynda (daughter of Nikki & Johnnie) married Darrell Bagley
Child: daughter, Renae

Dorian (son of Nikki & Johnnie) married Nikole Ivanov
Child 1: son, Rod
Child 2: daughter, Katie
Child 3: son, Owen

And those children had children of their own!

Chase (son of Gabby & Jeromy) dating Lorena Ivanov
Child 1: daughter, Lucia
Child 2: son, Erich

Shon (son of Gabby & Jeromy) married Helena Irwin
Child 1: son, Luther
Child 2: son, Mark

Ramin (son of Gabby & Jeromy) married Dayna Newbie
Child 1: son, Ian
Child 2: son, Sergio
Child 3: Kody
Dayna died, making Ramin a widower
Ramin dating Judith Byrd, no kids

Kasey (daughter of Bobby & Caren) married Kurtis Burnette
Child 1: daughter, Christen
Child 2: son, Isidro
Kurtis died, making Kasey a widow
Kasey married Bert Gaskins, no kids

Justina (daughter of Bobby & Caren) had a child with Gonzalo Newbie
Child: daughter, Margo
Gonzalo died, making Justina a widow
Justine married Rex Lemon, no kids

Kyra (daughter of Bobby & Caren) married Toby Dean
Child 1: daughter, Kisha
Child 2: son, Ahmad

Renae (daughter of Lynda & Darrell) married Troy Bagley. No kids.
Not sure of relationship status, but Renae had children with Sonny Newbie.
Child 1: daughter, Angelique
Child 2: son, Kirk

Rod (son of Dorian & Nikole) married Beverly Dean
Child 1: daughter, Aja
Child 2: daughter, Abbie
Child 3: daughter, Keli

Katie (daughter of Dorian & Nikole) married Gabe Snyder, no kids
Gabe dies, making Katie a widow
Katie married Dylan Ivanov, no kids

Owen (son of Dorian & Nikole) married Dorothy Vela
Child 1: daughter, Britta
Owen and Dorothy divorced
Owen married Chanda Joy
Child 2: April
Owen and Chanda divorced
Owen married Monica Bassett, no kids

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Christen (daughter of Kasey & Kurtis) married Roderick Irwin
Child 1: daughter, Dina

Isidro (son of Kasey & Kurtis) married Catrina Simovitch-Broke
Child 1: son, Berjes
Child 2: son, Adam

Margo (daughter of Justina & Gonzalo) married Jermey Newbie
Child 1: daughter, Deidra
Child 2: daughter, Beatrice
Child 3: son, Dominic
Jermey died, mkiaing Margo a widow
Margo married Joel joy, no kids

Kisha (daughter of Kyra & Toby) married Reynaldo Irwin
Child 1: daughter, Bridgette
Kisha and Reynaldo get divorced
Kisha married Bobbie Ivanov, no kids
Bobbie died, making Kisha a widow
Kisha dating Igor Tillman, no kids

Reynaldo married Maricela Parter, no kids
Reynaldo and Maricela divorced
Reynaldo dating Kenisha Biggs
6Child 2 (Reynaldo)/1 (Kenisha): daughter, Kylie

Ahmad (son of Kyra & Toby) married Angelique (daughter of Renae)
Child 1: daughter, Graciela
Child 2: daughter, Kristine
Child 3: son, Quinton

Abbie (daughter of Rod & Beverly) had a child with Dylan Ivanov
Child 1: son, Antoine
Abbie married Alonzo Hogue, no kids
Abbie married Joss Broke
Child 2: daughter, Dawn
Abbie and Joss get divorced
Abbie married Berjes SP-Broke

Keli (daughter of Rod & Beverly) married Wilifredo Broke, no kids
Wilifredo died, making Keli a widow
Keli married Malik Bassett, no kids
Malik died, making Keli a widow (again!)
Keli married Winston Liles, no kids

Britta (daughter of Owen & Dorothy) married Dameon Newbie
Child 1: daughter, Christin
Child 2: daughter, Layla

April (daughter of Owen & Chanda) married Fredrick Lessen, no kids
April and Fredrick divorced
April engaged to Dameon Newbie, but he dies before they marry
April dating Kirby Romano

Dina (daughter of Christin & Roderick) married Dominic (son of Margo & Jermey)
Child 1: daughter, Shanika
Child 2: son, Wade

Berjes (son of Christen & Roderick) married Abbie (daughter of Rod & Beverly)
Child 1: daughter, Josephine

Adam (son of Christen & Roderick) married Sommer Broke, no kids

Deidra (daughter of Margo & Jermey) married Kirk (son of Renae)
Child 1: daughter, Chantel
Child 2: son, Titus
Child 3: daughter, Rae

Beatrice (daughter of Margo & Jermey) married Rufus Irwin
Child 1: daughter, Brenda

Bridgette (daughter of Margo & Jermey) is dating Elbert Ivanov
Child 1: daughter, Katrina
Child 2: Aren

Graciela (daughter of Ahmad & Angelique) dating Michale Bassett

Kristine Dean (daughter of Ahmad & Angelique)
Child 1: son, Craig — father: Bradford Broke

Quinton (son of Ahmad & Angelique) married Sophia Ivanov
Child 1: TBA

Antoine (son of Abbie & Dylan) married Sue Doe, no kids

Dawn (daughter of Abbie & Joss) married Erich (son of Chase & Lorena)
Child 1: daughter, Dora

Luther (son of Shon & Helena) married Ashlee Chance
Ashlee died, making Luther a widower
Luther dating Malinda Moses
Malinda died

Ian (son of Ramin & Dayna) married Stacia Cloud, no kids

Sergio (son of Ramin & Dayna) dating Candy Bond

Kody (son of Ramin & Dayna) married Cindy Newbie

Kylie (daughter of Reynaldo & Kenisha) dating Deon broke
Child 1: Kendra
Child 2: Dean
Child 3: TBA

Josephine (daughter of Berjes & Abbie) married Cliff McCrary
Child 1: son, Josue

Shanika (daughter of Beatrice & Dominic) married Marlon Ivanov
Child 1: daughter, Siobhan

Katrina (daughter of Bridgette & Elbert) married Conor Ivanov
Child 1: son, Andres
Child 2: son, Jarod

Aren (son of Bridgette & Elbert) dating Dora (daughter of Erich & Dawn)

Chantel (daughter of Deidra & Kirk) married Issac Paulsen
Child 1: son, Ernie

Rae (daughter of Deibra & Kirk) married Damian Joy (son of Chase & Lorena), no kids

Josue (son of Josephine & Cliff) dating Brenda (daughter of Beatrice & Rufus)

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