Ella: Week 5

Fall Highlights

Rainy days are perfect times to go to the library.

Although it isn’t always as quiet as Ella would like it to be!

She moves to another spot so can she continue studying. Between the books and a mishap or two while repairing broken items, Ella masters the Handiness skill.

She tells Hugh about her achievement and celebrates with mooched pineapple juice.

Her garden goes dormant on Spooky Day.

Ella checks the mail and smiles upon seeing her plaque.

The festival is fun and filled with a surprise or two. Boo!

After Ella’s ghostly form wears off, she joins the Greenwood family for dinner and enjoys watching them pass out candy.

She looks forward to passing out candy next year!

Winter Highlights:

Ella finds it funny that plants are dormant but weeds continue to thrive.

O la la … a love letter from Hugh!

Since she can’t garden or fish, Ella watches TV with Blaise or reads at the library.

A/N: I thought it was sweet that Hugh came and read next to her

On Snowflake Day, Ella practices spinning on the ice.

She also goes on a date with Hugh.

Even though it was a few minutes outside the High Products Business Building, Ella and Hugh make the most of their time together.

Dating a paparazzi isn’t easy.

1st Day of Spring

Hugh is making sure Ella doesn’t feel shortchanged by their short date!

She takes time to stop and smell the lone flower that popped up in her yard.

Ella enjoys skating on the pond where she normally fishes.

Hopefully it won’t be long before her garden is green again and fish are jumping!

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13 thoughts on “Ella: Week 5

  1. I love seeing all the different seasons in your game. The curse of the witch is cool. I couldn’t remember it. Thinks look good for Hugh and Ella. I’m looking forward to see what happens next

    • I do, too! I like seeing the leaves change color and ice/frost on plants & ponds because that is something we don’t get where I live.

      The haunted house gives some fun moods!

      Yes, things are moving nicely for Ella & Hugh. ♡ So glad she found a decent Sim!

  2. It’s a problem dating a paparazzi. If you have the Nraas mods installed, you can turn them off in Register; you can also delete the paparazzi role from those Sims in the same Nraas menu. Then he won’t run off all the time in the middle of your dates, and you’ll actually be able to have a relationship with him. As long as he remains a paparazzi, you’re going to have problems. Unless you move him in with you, in which case the role will automatically be removed from him, and he’ll be an ordinary Sim.

    • Good to know! Thanks, Mia 😀
      Slight spoiler: Hugh changed jobs so it isn’t an issue now. Won’t say what he picked because that is mentioned in an upcoming chapter.

  3. Looks like wedding bells will be next for Ella! It’s amazing how Sims figure skate really well, even if they haven’t skated all the much..

    • That would be nice. Ding dong ding

      I find it interesting that rollerskating and ice skating are the same skill … they might be similar in some regards but I would think they would be executed a little differently.

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