Ella: Week 4

Summer: Week 4

Ella was unhappy she broke the sink at the fire station but appreciated the money she saved by doing the repair herself.

She went to the festival and won the hot dog eating competition!

Ella takes her prize back to the fire station, intending to share the meal as a way of saying thank you, but is too full to eat at this time so she heads downstairs to fix their broken stereo.

While she was downstairs, Blaise and Goodwin help themselves to the free food. Blaise ate one and Goodwin polished off SEVEN hot dogs before following it with a juice chaser.

Not a word of thanks either!

Hugh sent Ella several lovely love letters. Aww ♡

She treats herself to a rainbow snow cone on Leisure Day.

Hugh joins her while skating but doesn’t have time for a game of Gnubb.

It’s probably a good thing because she hit her head several times with the baton before getting the hang of it.

The next day, Ella calls Hugh to share her good news: she achieved her lifetime wish of having a perfect garden and met all three gardening skill challenges.

Her next big goal is to build a home. She knows it will take time and quite a few simoleons but the end result will be worth it!

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8 thoughts on “Ella: Week 4

  1. Ella finally having a much better day.. First winning the eating contest, and having some free food to share, but better still she has the best time ever with Hugh, she finally achieves her lifetime wish and now she has hopes of building a house and maybe a home as well! Great story telling!

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