Ella: Week 3

Summer: Week 3

Ella tries fishing at the cemetery but the only thing she catches is a glimpse of a swimming ghost.

Her fruit trees are doing well so she takes a break to enjoy a picnic at the park.
A nice meal is followed by an even nicer nap.

Ella meets more neighbors.
She enjoys seeing how loving and close the Greenwood family is!

Maybe one day she’ll be lucky enough to have a family of her own.

An early morning fishing trip is cut sort by rain but Ella doesn’t mind because she’s been offered a unique opportunity.

She receives a banana, bumbleleaf, chamomile and a plasma fruit for her efforts.

The next day, Ella makes quite a first impression with Hugh Sullivan.

This attractive fellow has beautiful, kind-looking eyes.

Good looks and charm probably helps this paparazzi get the scoop.

Ella is walking on clouds! She’s mastered the Gardening skill.

The framed certificate is a highlight of her endeavors!

Getting a boyfriend is the highlight of her week!

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12 thoughts on “Ella: Week 3

  1. I didn’t know ghost swam.. Finally, Sims who know how to be hospitable at picnics, neighbors without family issues and most of all she finds a wonderful young man that is neither a forgetful party “host” or a cheat.. Things are starting to turn around for Ella! Great Chapter!!

    • Thank you! I’m happy things are turning around too.

      I have seen ghosts wandering around when my Sim was on a WA vacation but I don’t think I ever saw any swim before. Will try to remember to pay attention in the future.

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