Ella: Days 9 and 10

Summer: Day 9 (Monday)

Time to harvest!

I plant some of the produce and sell enough to add an apple tree.

By my calculations, the new plants should be ready for harvesting on Friday.
If “one tomato, one lettuce” do not survive … Plan C is in place.

I pay bills and then head over to the fishing spot.

After fertilizing the plants with fish I caught, I return to the fire station.

A nap and shower leaves me feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for food!
I can’t help but notice the broken laptop on my way down.

I was able to repair the library computer so fixing a laptop should be similar …

How wrong I was! OUCH
Thank goodness the burns were minor and able to be soothed by a shower.

Once again, my dreams are filled with a bountiful harvest.

I truly hope they are more than mere pipe dreams.

Summer: Day 10 (Tuesday)

Words seem to pale in comparison to how I’m feeling right now.
My plants are thriving and a second harvest awaits me!

I tend my garden before running errands.

Gardening and fishing takes up most of my day.
It’s exhausting but rewarding at the same time.

Soon blackberries and strawberries as well as oranges, peaches and pears will join the others. How exciting!

What isn’t exciting is DeAndre letting me know he and Gala Ball have broken up.

I feel sorry for my friend but realize I can’t do anything other than offer sympathy. He’s the only one who can decide which lady is most important in his life … music or Gala.

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10 thoughts on “Ella: Days 9 and 10

  1. The garden is looking good! lol at how she looks after repairing the laptop.
    Bree is right, the firehouse is like her second home

  2. Her expanding garden looks great! On the other hand, she may need to study the book on handiness more.. Her friend is now free again, although I think Ella needs a more reliable Sim.. Great story!

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