Ella: Days 6 to 8

Summer: Day 6 (Friday)

Weed, water and wait.

It’s the waiting that is the hardest part in this process.
That and trying not to let despair win the day.

I tell other Sims about what happened and ask their advice.
Advice that might not be found in books.

I continue reading in hopes of learning something that might not have been mentioned.

This makes for a long day but hopefully a productive one.

Summer: Day 7 (Saturday)
A/N: Today was similar to yesterday so there aren’t any new images

Summer: Day 8 (Sunday)

Instead of sleeping at the fire station, I nap nearby in an attempt to protect my plants.

This probably wasn’t one of my better ideas.

I can’t let a little thing like feeling under the weather keep me from tending my garden.

Later that day, I take a break from the library books and check on my garden.

It’s been raining for hours and appears it will continue for the rest of the night.
I cross my fingers and hope this isn’t too much water for my plants.

The park bench is soaked so I head back to the fire station and dream of a nice harvest.

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8 thoughts on “Ella: Days 6 to 8

  1. Poor Ella, hopefully, she will find a way to not have to guard her plants by having to sleep outside.. On top of that she cannot afford a flu shot.. Looking forward to when Ella’s luck starts to get better..:D

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