Ella: Days 11 and 12

Summer: Day 11 (Wednesday)

I’m not a fan of gardening in the rain but at least it watered my plants.

Instead of going to the library and poring over books, I watch TV at the fire station and find myself enjoying the Gardening channel. I’m glad nobody was around to tease me about taking notes!

The day quickly passes and I’m back in bed before I know it.
One day I hope to host parties like father did. Those were fun.

Summer: Day 12 (Thursday)

Bills have arrived. It’s nice seeing a lower amount due but I know it won’t always be this way and appreciate it while I can.

No rain means it’s my turn to water the plants.

I notice the flag is still up on the mailbox and upon checking it, discover I have a letter and a gift. How nice!

Maybe not as nice as I originally thought.

Phoenix Prudence sent me a love letter and a gift with a note. He recently married Molly Coddle so I don’t plan on calling him but if I see him, I will let him know how this makes me feel!

I feel bad for Molly and hopes she doesn’t get her heart broken by this faithless fellow.

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8 thoughts on “Ella: Days 11 and 12

    • I know! I dislike how the attraction system works in encouraging Sims to cheat. Ella deserves to find a nice SINGLE Sim, thank you very much!

      Trying to tie the fairy tale in with Ella’s story so thank YOU for noticing my effort 😀

    • I know. Molly should dump Phoenix’s butt. I dislike how Sims is set up to do this cheating type of relationships.

      She is lucky in gardening but yet to be lucky in love. Her time will come {fingers crossed}

  1. Ella certainly hasn’t met her prince yet, first a drifter musician and now a cheater! At least her garden is thriving.. It’s amazing how circumstances influences what one chooses to watch on tv.. Hopefully soon she will be able to switch from the gardening channel to cooking and decorating..

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