Ella: Day 3

Summer: Day 3 (Tuesday)

Goodwin Goode is kind enough to offer a bowl of ramen but I find myself more fascinated by his hair.

It’s lighter than mine which might make it the fairest one of them all.

I clear away their dishes as a way of showing my appreciation for all the freebies.

My tomato plant is doing well and this makes me happy.

Who knew that gardening could be so therapeutic?

My lack of a catch at River Junction Beach Park doesn’t make me happy.

It seems there is more to fishing than merely casting your line.

Oh dear, I must have misread the situation somehow.
Dudley Racket set out a picnic basket and smiled my way so I thought I would join him … apparently, he prefers being alone.

With as much dignity as I can muster, I finish my meal and take my leave.

Fishing at a known fishing spot is a good idea and I’m thankful some Sim takes pity on me and directs me to Hollowlog Springs.

I caught a minnow!
I also caught sight of something wondrous … a unicorn!

I hope this means luck is on my side because I can certainly use it!

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10 thoughts on “Ella: Day 3

  1. Dudley should have been more hospitable, what was poor Ellis to think he didn’t seem to mind sharing his food at first.. Good thing she’s becoming better at fishing.. Unicorns are a wonderous sight indeed! Great chapter!

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