Ella: Day 2

Summer: Day 2 (Monday)

Blaise Kindle took pity and gave me a bowl of cereal.

My lone tomato plant is doing well.

May good weather and fortune smile upon me because I really need it. I have no idea what I’ll do if this plant doesn’t yield a harvest or if deer get to it before I can purchase fencing.

Ella, stop thinking of worst-case scenarios. You need to stay positive!

This plant will yield a harvest.
I will then get a second tomato plant and purchase other things to grow.

I will … pay bills.

My second day here and I owe §11.

I head over to the library to see what else I can learn that might be useful.

Am careful not to disturb the Senior Reading Circle meeting taking place.

How gross! Since I didn’t see a librarian on duty, I grabbed the plunger and got to work so the next Sim wouldn’t think I had left the restroom this way.

My appreciation for those who made a career out of fixing things has gone up and I can see why they charge as much as they do.

I quick mop the floor and washed my hands several times before rejoining the others.

Renee William-Brown hands me a cold drink and I admit I was a bit wary of drinking it.

The coconut juice was refreshing and quite satisfying.

I thank her and do my best to cover a yawn.
Should I find a quiet corner for a quick nap or head back to the fire station?

Another yawn and a decision is made. Nap first and then head to the station.

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6 thoughts on “Ella: Day 2

  1. Ella may be homeless, but she does have standards.. Making sure that the toilet was in good condition, for the next Sim, even though it wasn’t her fault in order to avoid judgement does show that she definitely has class!! Thank goodness this time she got coconut juice instead of plasma fruit..

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