Ella: Day 14

Summer: Day 14 (Saturday)

After “work”, I visit another neighbor and enjoy seeing her garden.

Alma Drill likes my funny story and I like taking a nap on one of the comfy beds.

I rejoin Alma downstairs and she regales me with tales of her days at Uni.

Cherish Curious is not amused by this conversation and quickly lets me know!

I’m a bit surprised she chooses to heckle me instead of Alma.

Perhaps it was because I failed to notice her earlier.
A friendly introduction should hopefully smooth things between us.

Or not! Alma and Cherish obviously don’t like it when the other one is the center of attention.

Perhaps it would be best if I sleep at the fire station instead of neighbors’ homes.

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I hope you enjoyed reading two weeks worth of Ella’s attempt at the One Tomato Challenge. More chapters will follow but I plan to change the format by making each chapter cover a week instead of a day or two since many of her actions are the same.

14 thoughts on “Ella: Day 14

  1. I’m glad that Ella is doing so well despite the early setbacks. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your version of SamelaRita’s ‘One Tomato Challenge’ so far and am very much looking forward to more chapters 😀 x

  2. Ella’s neighbors could do with some family counseling, so much jealousy in one household, and poor Ella get caught in the middle, even though she tries to be a peace maker.. The fire station has less drama for sure..

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