Ella: Day 13

Summer: Day 13 (Friday)

My garden is coming along nicely!

Oh my goodness! I don’t know what to say.

Letters in my mailbox let me know I was the recipient of random acts of kindness.

* My mailbox has been repaired and painted.
* The bike rack and trash can have been cleaned.
* The most noticeable change is the fence! The repairs make it look likes its brand new!!

Some of the fencing was moved to create a garden area.

I no longer have to worry about deer destroying the plants!

There is plenty of room for adding other plants as time and money allows.

The garden in the back leaves room in front for the house I hope to build some day.

I then notice the party invitation that came with the other letters.

“Where are you going? You’re supposed to host a party AT your house, not leave it!”

The first time was “shame on you”.
This time is “shame on me”.
There won’t be a third time.

Instead of trekking all the way back to the fire station, I visit my neighbors.

The Castor family left 32 Sweetwater Loop and moved to the smaller house next door.

I fix their tub before taking advantage of an empty bed.

One day I won’t have to borrow from others because I’ll have a home to call my own!

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10 thoughts on “Ella: Day 13

  1. Those random acts of kindness are so sweet!
    What? Yes again no party? How rude to invite her and then leave.
    Yay for the fence keeping out the deer!

    • Thanks 🙂 Had to explain the changes I made somehow.

      It could be because DeAndre is a musician and works at night but one would think you wouldn’t throw a party if you know you won’t be home but Sims be Sims, lol

      Her 1st purchase and the best one, I think.

  2. This chapter made me smile ear to ear! I don’t know who her benefactor is, but it is nice that her garden is now being protected! Her musician friend might want to stop giving “parties”.. Good thing she can find empty beds when needed and she hasn’t lost hope!

    • Knowing you enjoyed it made me smile!

      I think the problem is when DeAndre wants to throw parties (at night) because a musician works at night.

      The Inappropriate but in a Good Way reward has really helped Ella be able to stay in a home instead of always bunking at the fire station. It’s a nice change of pace!

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