Ella: Day 1

SamelaRita created the One Tomato Challenge.
Rules and more can be found HERE

Ella Ashburn’s START
In my continuation, her lot is located at 21 Sweetwater Loop in Twinbrook.
Summer is set to 28 days; Fall & Winter are 3 days each; Spring is 8 days.
Aging is off because I want to focus on Ella and what she can accomplish.

Summer: Day 1 (Sunday)

This one tomato might hold the seeds to my future but I don’t know the first thing about gardening. Since my pockets are empty, I head to the library because I doubt the bookstore owner would allow people to sit and read without making a purchase.

There is a slightly dusty copy of The Watercan Chronicles that I read from cover to cover.
Ella D1Pic1

I now know how to plant, weed and fertilize. Time to put this knowledge to the test.

A little later …
I head across the street to house number 32 and meet my neighbors.

Robert Castor invites me in but doesn’t engage in conversation or answer my questions. His wife, Beverly, is slightly friendlier.

She tells me she’s a Consignment Specialist and I nod as if I know what that is.

I thank her when she hands me a carton of juice.

Plasma Juice. I’ve never had this before but it sounds healthy.

Words fail to describe this experience and I do my best not to spit it out.

With a polite smile plastered on my face, I thank her for her hospitality and leave as soon as possible.

Is she trying to poison me?
Does she know my stepmother?
I think I need to keep my distance until I know for certain.

Of more importance right now is the need for a bathroom (am doing my best to keep the nausea under control) and somewhere to rest because I don’t think I can keep my eyes open much longer.

A light catches my eyes and leads me to the fire department.

Nobody is on the premises but hopefully, they won’t mind me acting like Goldilocks.

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9 thoughts on “Ella: Day 1

  1. Addy this is super awesome! I can’t believe, I never thought to go to the fire department to sleep! Chad is on the couch in the library! Can’t wait to follow this story along and so super glad that SamelaRita made it for us to enjoy!

    • Thank you! Ella needs all the luck she can get.

      SamelaRita made her and I agree, she’s quite pretty.

      The fire department has it all ~ bed, bathroom and people to mooch meals from or the fridge itself!

  2. Really, stealing a bed at the fire station? Maybe she should sit in a basket with a note “Please take care of my baby” LOL

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