BONUS: A Cat Named Cupcake

Addy’s Note: I noticed this because Ben had an action in his queue to mourn a cat. I got curious and looked around …

Oh, my goodness!

Whether she is the owner or not, this sim doesn’t like the reaper’s plans.

Aww, how cute. I didn’t know that the Grim Reaper picks up the pet.
Cupcake looks happy, not scared or concerned.

Then Cupcake is placed on the ground and the Grim Reaper pulls out a cat toy. Once Cupcake is interested, he tosses it up into the green-lit area and the cat follows with a quick leap.

Goodbye, Cupcake. Hopefully your life had been filled with love, good food and lots of fun times with your sims.

Addy’s Note: This bonus was written long before the passing of our cat. Missy would have turned 20 in May (a long, healthy life mostly due to being an indoor cat) and I like to think that her life was a good one, too. Goodbye, Missy. You are definitely missed!
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6 thoughts on “BONUS: A Cat Named Cupcake

    • Thanks, Jowita 🙂 A family friend gifted Missy to my daughter when she was around two. She was fun. She was annoying. She definitely found a place in our hearts. It seems odd coming home and not seeing her on the couch, waiting for us, but we’ll get used to it in time.

      How interesting. I like that the developers added this set of animations regarding pet death. It’s the little details like this that continue to remind us why we love this game.

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