BnS 225

Build-n-Share Challenge #225: A Tiny Hangout
Link to Challenge: HERE

The Brief:
*Due April 30, 2020
*Budget is $30,000 (which does not include the cost of the lot)
*Use a 20×15 lot
*The house itself should be no larger than half the lot, placed at one end of the lot. You can build up & down in the same footprint.
*Outside needs a fire pit and landscaping.
*Must have space for a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, somewhere to study and a place to play video games.

I decided to build in Sunlit Tides and demolished the house at 3 Mango Way.
*No CC
*Minimal MOO used
*One store item used: Outdoor Shower
*Fully Tested
*Custard checked, clean
*Spent $29,968 of the $30,000 budget

Presenting …
Fruit Salad ~ built for Guy Orange at 3 Mango Way
FS Front

Download Link: FRUIT SALAD

A view from above
FS TopDown

FS Side1
Guy Orange or another Sim can grill on the deck while laundry is going.

FS Side2
Mix a drink or sit and enjoy the bonfire. Please note the red bucket nearby in case the fire gets a little out of hand.

FS Side3
Can listen to music or dance out in the open. Some might prefer pouring a cup of juice from the nearby keg. Whether hanging out in the yard or down at the water, the outdoor shower will come in use to wash off sand or sweat.

Time to take a peek inside!

FS Overview

Open Living/Kitchen/Dining
FS Living
Read a book, grab a nap, watch TV or play a game.

FS Kitchen
Listen to some tunes while you cook or clean up after a meal.

FS Dining
Plenty of seating for dining alone or with a couple of friends. A decent computer ensures no excuse for not getting homework done on time.

FS Open1
FS Open2
Gorgeous views all around.

FS Bed1
FS Bed2
A decent bed provides a good night’s sleep. Nice views in the morning or at night.

FS Bath1
FS Bath2
The generous budget allowed for a shower/tub combo.

Some interesting things seen while testing this lot.

FS Mascot1
FS Mascot2
FS Mascot3
The Uni Mascot helped herself to juice. Several times. It’s a good thing she parked further up the road so the jog and fresh air might help reduce any side effects.

FS Tester1
Dorian, the tester, thinks Guy Orange or any Sim will enjoy the relaxed environment …

FS Sunset
or enjoy the gorgeous views at any time of day. Sunset was especially spectacular!

One small thing to note:
FS Tester2
When Dorian went to eat, he stomped his feet and ate while sitting on the couch. After he finished eating, I directed him to sit on each of the three stools and there wasn’t any issue. Am not sure why there was a problem in the first place.

Hope your Sim enjoys living here!

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