Birthdays and More – part 2

We’re here! Wedding

Gabby takes a shine to Great-Aunt Rosie. Wedding2

Grace enjoys playing with Cousin Bobby while Gina tries to catch Cousin Lynda’s attention.
Addy’s Note: I have never been savvy on the relationships in a family tree. Bobby and Reiley are cousins and Reiley is the grandfather of the triplets. For ease and keeping my sanity, a cousin is a cousin no matter if they are direct cousins or once removed.

The flower girls are happily occupied. Wedding4

Places everybody, time for the ceremony to begin. Wedding5

With this ring, I thee wed. Wedding6

I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your lovely bride. Wedding7

Kristy got all choked up when it was time to cut the cake so Nate just smiled and patiently waited for her to collect herself. Wedding8

Dorian’s girlfriend, Nikole Ivanov, seems to be dropping non-subtle hints. Wedding9

Nate loves that Kristy is young at heart, but wonders what others will think of her childish chatter. Not exactly the wedding conversation he had in mind. Wedding10

Bobby sees his middle child, Justina, head towards the bar and decides to accompany her. Wedding11

Nikole compliments Bobby on his parenting skills, but Dorian doesn’t seem to notice. Wedding12

Might as well enjoy a drink. Nikole definitely enjoyed the cocktail that Ronda Watts served. Wedding13

Time for the couple to have their first dance. Dance

They were so caught up in each other that neither noticed both phones ringing. Dance2

Hours later…
Nate and Kristy leave.
Reiley and Alice take the triplets home and tuck them in for the night.

Sometimes events are so enjoyable, you just don’t want them to end. Right, Caren?! After

Poor Lilliana Ivanov. Trying to trick-or-treat during the wrong holiday is hard enough, but she also doesn’t seem to realize that answering the doorbell is the last thing on any Snyder mind tonight. Trick

With three active toddlers, Nate and Kristy decided to forego a honeymoon away from home. Kiss

Story Progression Update: Love is in the air!
Kasey Snyder-Parrott is dating Kurtis Burnette
Justina Snyder-Parrott is dating Gonzalo Newbie

Oh! Oh. Oohh… here we go again! SurpriseSurprise2

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4 thoughts on “Birthdays and More – part 2

    • LOL

      Kristy doesn’t NEED any, but is more than willing to help Nate have four kids.

      If you’re talking about WANTS (meaning game “wishes”) then she wants plenty.

      Each couple frequently gets wishes to have more children or grandchildren and there comes a point when I have to ignore those.

    • More like I’m happy because there will be no more kids after this one is born LOL This is the most number of children I’ve ever played at one time so I expected a bit of a “learning curve” as I adjusted to handling/juggling this full house. Whew… what a ride! **chuckles**

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